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Friday, February 21, 2014

Daily Life : Hanging out with hubby day!

What a perfect day when your husband having a day off and it's sunshine bright outside with 80 degrees weather?! Yes i know!

Started the day off with  getting all "pain-in-the-butt" stuff done in the morning. Such as run to post office, groceries, putting away groceries, have a homemade lunch.... Grocery shopping can be so boring and tiring sometimes. But there are days i enjoying alot go for grocery shopping. I am that weird. But that morning it was uh-hm.

So I decided to put on very comfy outfit but still dolled up by wearing cute heels and makeup done of course.

 The FOTD i worn that day using my new Bh Cosmetics. I actually quite impressed with quality. Eyeshadows are so pigmented and stick to my oily eyelid from morning to the night without "creasing". Im using UDPP too though.

It can be tricky to have a perfect selfie with him. Either he would make weird faces that completely weird looking or our "ready face" times doesnt match like the first together selfie above. 

Then we heading over to the mall. And of course this place isnt his fave place to hang. And on the other side, i was so excited because i know what i wanna get. There are the top 3 stores in the mall i love to shop. I think most of people exp ladies would agree with me on this one. Sephora, Forever21, and Victoria's Secret. 

The makeup goodies :D 

You guys have no idea how bad i want this makeup palette by Too Faced. Oh I am happy happy happy.  

How was your day? What have made you happy today? :)