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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Empties : Beauty Products ( March 2013 )

Do you guys feeling proud whenever you finish up using one of your makeup stuff? I do. I feel proud of myself for finishing up some of my beauty products - meaning that i literally using them up , not only wasting money for that stuff unless for a few stuff that doesn't work for my skin.  So here is my March Empties!

Close up

  • My Ion hairspray has been my hair's bestfriend ever. They have to be attached one another almost everyday. You guys should give this hairspray a try because this hairspray doesnt make my hair feel "so hard". And it holds my hairstyle pretty good too. And i love how pinky the bottle is. 
  • Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation (For Combo/Oily Skin) - my shade is on sand beige which i think it's little to light for my skin tone. I need to go to buy this again. I probably will try the "Medium Beige", hopefully the shade will work nicely on my skin tone. 
  • L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base - this is my favorite face primer, this actually my 2nd jar and im not sure if im gonna buy this again because i wanna try the face primer from Revlon PhotoReady. If you guys have tried the face primer from Revlon PhotoReady, please let me know how it works!
  • L'oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara - i'd say this is the best mascara i've tried so far for my asian lashes. It does clump sometimes but i love how this mascara make my lashes stand up without help from eyelashes curler. But anyway i still curl it up for more "standing up" effect. 
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - I made review on this one long time ago, click here to checking out. I like this compact powder and it gives a nice finish look. 
What are your empties for beauty product this month? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Cosmetic/Beauty Bag Transition!

Do you guys carry cosmetic/beauty bag in your purse? I used to carry them since the first year of my college until like few years back. But recently (since last month) i started carry my beauty bag again in my purse. I hate to see all randomly beauty items all over the place in my purse. Unfortunately, my old beauty bag cant be used anymore because the zipper is broke and i had to buy the new one.

This is my old batik makeup bag :

I really love it, the batik pattern is so pretty and it's one of my identity sign that could says Im an Indonesian girl. I still keep it though and trying to think how i put the zipper back together so i can still use this in the future. :)

So last week, i went to Ross and found the new cosmetic bag. It's Calvin Klein Signature Cosmetic Case. They sell this for $9.99 and it is really good in size to carry a bunch of beauty/makeup items. The whole material is covered by "plastic" kind to protect it from any accidents may occur such as water spill or food spill or anything. So yes im glad i found this. 

And it's always fun to show off what's in my makeup bag :

Do you carry a cosmetic/beauty bag in your purse?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review / Hair Tutorial : Conair Heat Waves (Hot Rollers)

Conair is one of famous hair tools/accessories in the States. They are known as good products yet affordable! I love Conair , i have their flat iron and few days ago i eventually got one of them hot rollers.

So i picked the one "Heat Waves" that comes with 4 super jumbo rollers, 8 jumbo rollers, and 12 wire clips. These jumbo rollers are perfect for long hair like mine and creates beautiful bouncy curls which i have been rocking for 3 days already! The purple wire clips go with purple roller and black wire clips go with black roller.

 This hot rollers heat up pretty quickly only in 85 seconds which is such a time saver in the morning! You want to make sure your hair is in damp/dry condition. You dont want to use this when ur hair is wet! What i always do in the morning, i just spray heat protector all over my dry hair and brush through so it kind of damp and being protected from the heat.

And this might be best thing to read first before using this hair appliance :) (click the picture to see it in large size)

When you see the red dot change to white dot, it's ready to rolled up on ur hair. Here i present my illustration of how i section my hair and apply this on my hair. 

Now how i roll them up on my hair?
Section No 1 : Roll them toward your face
Section No.2 : Roll them toward your face again (i used to think it suppose to be away from your face, but i didnt like the result on that way at all!)
Section No. 3 : Roll them away from your face

The technical term for this setting is called "Basic 9". Basic 9 is starting from the center of your head and you take horizontal parting from the bang area all the way down of the head. And then you have sides part left where you want to divide each side into 2 sections.  Look these pictures below to see it in action.

Well guys i hope my illustration pictures arent confusing to you! After i rolled them up on my hair, i let them sit for 15-30 minutes depends on how long i done my makeup and prepare my lunch bag. It usually takes me around 30 mins to do both of them.  But 15 mins should be good enough if you really dont have many things to do. Don't forget to apply some hairspray few minutes before you ready to take the rollers out. And now these are the final result from the hot rollers :

I have such thick and coarse hair that holds curls really well compared to fine hair. So these curls last the whole day for me! :) Thanks to my mother and God for giving me this type of hair!

After 10 hours : 

If in case you guys have a fine hair, i recommend you to use good hairspray that holds style real strong. Tresemme or L'Oreal would be your best bet from drugstore. Try Paul Mitchell Hairspray or Sebastian Professional. I love them and they work really good. They really do hold the style in place!

This Conair retailed for around $29  to $30. I got mine from Walmart and im sure you can get this from any drugstores. 

Pros :
- Affordable
- Works very well , producing a big curls like how i want it.
- Heats up very quick
- Easy and quick to use in the morning
- Curls last very long
- No frizzy looking 

Cons :
- The wire clips tend to hurt my scalp sometimes ( feel uncomfortable)

Do you have these amazing hot rollers?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LORAC Blush/Bronzer Duo "Hot & Spicy"

Around 3 weeks ago i went to Sephora to looked for something compact that has blush/bronzer/highlighter that i can carry in my cosmetic bag. I meant to find UD Naked Flushed one but too bad they all were sold out! Then i came across to LORAC line and as usual i swatched every shade they have in blush/bronzer section and i fell for this one :

Needless to say, the packaging is not something fancy but looks classy enough to carry in my bag. Packaging is not my number 1 concern when i purchase a beauty product. But who minds for super cute packaging? It's just a bonus plus. It comes with a single applicator brush which i dont normally use but it is good to have in case you need one when you're out.  The texture and formula is not too powdery which i love to minimize from making a mess. And this product is retailed for $30 and have 2 range of shades. Now, let's get to the swatches :

 The "Hot & Spicy" contains peach shimmery blush and light to medium bronze. With flashlights pictures, the shimmer quite obvious and on without flashlight picture, instead the colors itself more show up. 

After my whole makeup process done, i think both the blush and bronzer give me sunkissed look, makes my face looks more warm and i absolutely love it. 

at 8 am 

at 5 pm

What do you think guys? I think LORAC did a good job made this! The color still noticeable on my cheek as it is not as much as first time i applied it in the morning though. But hey i blotted my face around 2 times that day, it might took some products off my skin. Overall, i love this duo blush/bronzer, i feel like im so ready to rocking this alot in the summer time. 

Where to purchase? I got mine from Sephora. You can go to their website LORAC .
Price : $30 
Range of shades : they have 2 shades. 

Pros :
-  Good pigmentation 
-  Buildable
-  Last long
-  Even though it's shimmery product, but it blends naturally well on skin
-  Gives me a sunkissed look which i love! 
-  It's not powdery during application

Cons :
-  As it is high end stuff, it's quite pricy

Have you guys tried any blush or bronzer by LORAC?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

M.A.C Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder "Sun Dipped" ( Hey Sailor Collection)

I apologize for this out of date review. This supposed to be done like..... last September :(

I am not sure if M.A.C itself still carry this collection on their store.... but anyhow better late than never, right? :) So here is the review post of "Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder in Sun Dipped" by M.A.C Hey Sailor Collection. 

I really like the packaging. I love the sailor-ish pattern on it. 

I ordered this last September from Nordstorms and i picked the wrong shade for my skin tone, so i had to returned it and exchanged it with the "Sun Dipped" one. I believe there were only 2 shades for this bronzer. This bronzer cost around $30. 

The texture is slight shimmery almost to matte. The shimmery after application is less noticeable on the skin. And depending of what kind of brushes you use to apply this, it can be very powdery but if u pick the right brush like kabuki kind, it's not powdery just attached the brush perfectly fine. I had to layering this bronzer like 3 times to make them look noticeable. And i find that after couple hours the shade get settle on my skin and appearing nicer, matte and blend the skin very well.

Swatches : 

With flash

Without flash:

My first impression was dissapointing because that time was still summer season that my skin was alot darker than i am now, so it was almost un-noticeable on my face. But now in the winter time that my skin is lighter - i can see my bronzer lay on my skin. 

These pictures taken today - 3 hours after application

Pros :
- Nice packaging
- I think it would work very well for fair skin
- Nice texture (slight shimmery - mostly gives matte finish)
- Last for a long hours
- After couple hours, it looks even nicer on skin
- Good to use for winter time when my skin get lighter
- Doesn't break me out

Cons :
- Expensive 
- It's not quite pigmented for my skin tone (layering 3 times will work)
- It's not work for me in the summer time
- Limited edition 

Do you own this bronzer? How do you like it? Let me know in the comment below :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 2013 Favorites!

The February 2013 Favorites :

1. One 'n Only Keratin Kurl Curling Iron - i really love this curling iron, it makes my hair looking so healthy and this stuff heated up very quick! The curls that produced just look so pretty. I recommend this product! This stuff available at Sally's Beauty Supply.

2. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (for normal to oily skin) - this is the best cleanser i've tried so far. You guys know i have super duper oily skin and this cleanser just perfectly fit for my oily skin. I definitely will repurchase this. And i dont feel my skin get super tight after washing my face with this cleanser.

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner ( Charcoal Charbon ) - i've heard alot of good things about this eyeliner but never actually tried it until i purchased it last month, and im so happy to gave it a try, this as good as Urban Decay eyeliner, never smudged and last for as long as u want it to remove.

4. Sexiest Fantasies "Love Struck" Body Spray - i got the travel size one and carry this in my purse all the time, i loooove the scent, it has notes of Cherry Blossom, Peach and Musks.

5. Maybelline Color Whisper in "Oh La Lilac" - it's a lipstick with sheer finish but gives a nice color. really good to wear with smoky eye make up. And here is the swatches :

With flashlight :

Without flashlight:

6. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil ( Extra Penetrating Oil for dry & coarse hair ) - due to constantly using hot tools once a week, i need some extra treatment for my hair to keep it in healthy condition. And i have very sensitive hair, whenever i use hot tools i always use heat protector but it still give me slight split ends so i apply this oil treatment on damp hair. It does smell good too! 

7. Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes (Evening Soothe) - this is my currently favorite makeup remover wipes. Less than $5 at walmart and u got 30 sheets. This is really good to try for the price and does a good job removing makeup as well as good regular drugstore brands. I will repurchase this for sure! 

What's your February faves girls?