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Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Cosmetic/Beauty Bag Transition!

Do you guys carry cosmetic/beauty bag in your purse? I used to carry them since the first year of my college until like few years back. But recently (since last month) i started carry my beauty bag again in my purse. I hate to see all randomly beauty items all over the place in my purse. Unfortunately, my old beauty bag cant be used anymore because the zipper is broke and i had to buy the new one.

This is my old batik makeup bag :

I really love it, the batik pattern is so pretty and it's one of my identity sign that could says Im an Indonesian girl. I still keep it though and trying to think how i put the zipper back together so i can still use this in the future. :)

So last week, i went to Ross and found the new cosmetic bag. It's Calvin Klein Signature Cosmetic Case. They sell this for $9.99 and it is really good in size to carry a bunch of beauty/makeup items. The whole material is covered by "plastic" kind to protect it from any accidents may occur such as water spill or food spill or anything. So yes im glad i found this. 

And it's always fun to show off what's in my makeup bag :

Do you carry a cosmetic/beauty bag in your purse?