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Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Faves 2013!

I actually have quite abit of good good stuff this time to share with you. So here it is my June Faves! Where shall we begin? 

Close up :

Okay let's begin with makeup items i found works well on me, some of them work just awesome! 
  • Sephora Mattifying Foundation - this is my first (yeah first) powder foundation! and i picked wrong shade for me actually because they didnt have lighter shade for my skin tone but since i get tanned , this works pretty good. The coverage is light on me which is what i need for summer. 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer - my recently new bronzer purchased in travel size and i used it alot this month. It's matte bronzer and quite pigmented. I looove bronzy looking. 
  • Cover Fx Camouflage Concealer - seriously this is amazing concealer that offers the wonderful coverage ever with very smooth finishing. It blends easily, i just absolutely love this!! 
  • "They're Real" Mascara by Benefit Cosmetic - if you're Asian, you know it's serious matter dealing with your lashes! This mascara does the job for my lashes, doesnt really make it looking like a super voluminous lashes whatsoever but it DOES bring a little life back to my lashes. I love the wand that allow you to brush your lashes either vertically or horizontally motion. Very easy to use!
  • Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix - this is basically just a setting make up spray. I like this alot , it controls my oil better and makes my make up last longer. 
Into Hair Products! 
  • It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product : type of leave in conditioner that you spray onto your hair after washed them. Suppose to detangler any knots, acts as thermal protection and gives shine too. I love the smells!
  • Tresemme Extra Firm Control Hairspray - this is super affordable great hairspray. I does feel sticky and harden your hair when you first spray it but after a while your hair will touchable and doesnt feel as hard anymore and hold my hairstyle very good. And the size of the can is mostly bigger than any other full size hairspray brand out there in the market. 
Moving on to miscellaneous items :
  • Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Strawberry Hand Sanitizer - this has been sitting on my makeup vanity. This smells really really true like strawberry and my hand feeling so fresh after use this. 
  • Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body mist - my most fave scent at the moment. The scent makes me feel happy and special. Now im obssessed the get the perfume from this collection.
  • Statement Necklace (peach-colored) that i got a while back at Deb store in the mall. I love this necklace so much, i use it over and over and i think it become my go to necklace. 
  • Small teasing brush (blue) - im a teasing hair freak. I love make little bump on my crown with either side or center bangs. This brush is really good makes my bump look smoother than any other brush type would make. 
  • Handbag - what should i name this handbag? i dont know. I just love this handbag, i think it's very summery and colorful. I used this alot on this month got tons of compliments every time i wear this! :) And actually i got this bag from a shoes store!
So what is your June Faves?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Collective Haul! (TJ Maxx, VS, Sephora, Drugstore)

Recently i made few random trips to couple stores and thought i would share these collective haul with you.

Tj Maxx : Moschino bath and body set (contains shower gel, body lotion, & perfume) and Yankee Candle.
I always buying candle particularly "Yankee Candle" brand here because they always sell half price out of originally.

VS : Bombshell Body Mist, "Just one kiss" collection bath and body ( shower gel, body lotion and body mist) and couple bras / underwears that im hiding out from you ;)!
They are having the Annual Sale which most items marked down 40% off and more!

Sephora : Kabuki brush (travel friendly) and Urban Decay Primer Potion
Just 2 items that i was desperately need at the moment!

Drugstore : Hawaiian Tropic (Tanning Lotion and Dark Tanning Oil), Neutrogena Shampoo Anti Residue (clarifying shampoo typed), Revlon Loose Powder ("medium" shade), Milani Baked Blush, a very cute circle earrings.

Is there any items above you guys own and like it? ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tanning Obssession!

I been having new obssession lately, like in "severe" stage now. It's funny and kind of strange for how quick someone can change drastically like i am now.  I was never a big fan to get tanned. I used to hate to the max when i notice my skin get little darker. I have always thought that tan skinned doesnt flattering on me. And now Im so into tanning since i came across couple pictures of Victoria's Secret models with their tanned skin. I just realized how tan skin is looking so gorgeous and exotic.

Because of this new obssession, few weeks ago i went to drugstore to get some tanning products. I tanned outdoor couple times and thankfully for being Asian, it's pretty easy and quick for me to get tanned!

I got tanning products from Kmart and picked this brand "Hawaiian Tropic" because it has good deal buy one get 2nd 50% off. This is my first time trying this brand and so far im liking it. It has strong coconut scent which is I LOVE and very moisturizing my skin. 

I used both of the products at the same time lol. I hope it doesnt bother anything. I dont tanning really long time though since the products contain very low spf and the other one even has absolutely no spf! 

Anyway this is how i do it : First i will put on the lotion then layer it with the oil.  Then laying out under the sun and reapply often my oil. After my tanning session finish, i apply my sunscreen with spf 30 if i still wanna spend some more time outdoor. And i get tanned very quick after 1st time outdoor tanning by the pool. It gradually gets my whole skin darker after few times. 

After 2 weeks with total 3 times of "outdoor tanning" : 

yes there is some excess oil on my face :/ i should've blotted them first.... 

FYI, i used makeup that at least 1 level darker than i usually used to match my whole body. I dont intentionally tanning "my face" too because i do worry of getting some skin problem. So when i do tanning, i put sunscreen on my face even though it still get little tanner naturally from the sun.

So guys i would love hearing from you for some tips and helpful suggestions of Tanning Routine since im still really lacking of knowledge about this case! I would appreciate it so much if you share me some ;)

And what's your favorite tanning products? Let me know ;)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baltimore Trip (Hair Show & Explore the City)

Hello bloggers! So happy to be back again blogging here. Last month, our school held a trip to Baltimore purposely to attending a hair show! I thought i had to go no matter what, this was such a wonderful opportunity to be missed, correct?

So we departed from school on May 4th around 10 am and unfortunately we were stuck somewhere on the highway for around 1-2 hours. We had no clue what was going on, but yeah that was pretty sucks being bored in the bus for that long. And finally around 5 pm we arrived in Baltimore city.

The next morning (1st day of hairshow)
The Hairshow was held at Baltimore Convention Center. I was so excited to see the whole show. When we got in, all of us given a huge bag that contains some hair products from "it's a 10" brand. I couldnt be happier get all the free goodies!

If you wanna see what i got inside the bag, then better stay still , keep scrolling down and surely keep reading ;)

My morning wouldnt be complete without OOTD self picture! ;) 

Okay so we got into the building and there were so many classes held by each hair products brand. Instead, i was browsing around seeing what deals they have. Then after got couple stuff i interested to, we sat to watch some classes. 

This one is "CHI" class. The lady who is on the stage is so cool! She expresses her face and do some movements along as she goes in doing hair. 

Unexpectedly, we found him. Look at his hair, isnt that so cool? We didnt let the chance slips off to take picture with him!

Then finally, we started getting hungry and spotted a cool Japanese restaurant across the street from the building!! I ordered miso soup and volcano rolls if im not mistaken of what the name was.... 

 I just fell in love with my bowl really. It's so cute and really small :(. But the taste was so good though. And somehow i lost my roll picture :/

Then after that, we had some quite of walk and found this attraction in "Inner Harbor" (if im not mistaken of the name) :

Don't ask me what she was doing because i had no idea how to exactly explain this in english ;P

More pictures :

Then we back to hotel to dress up little bit for the night. Here some pictures of our 'girls night out' :

Just FYI, i dont drink, the picture was taken just for fun lol, those drinks were my friends'. 

The 2nd day of show (last day)
I wasnt really excite for the 2nd day as i already know how the show was on the 1st day. But we attended a class from "Aquage" which pretty much about hair makeovers - haircuts and hairdos. 

My Outfit :
a high heel is a must have for a shortie like me!

And 3 of us in the entrance of Baltimore Convention Center :

I had much fun during the trip and i hope i will be back some time in Baltimore and get to explore more! and these are all free hair stuff and some haul i bring home from the show :

Have you ever go to hairshow? How was it? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sephora Mini Haul

Hi girls! This little shopping was done a while ago actually, maybe around the end of May? So this began from a simple email from sephora. I opened it and it says "dont miss your early free birthday gift" with any purchase. So of course i couldnt pass it and go there right away after school. And these all i end up in my shopping bag. And i couldnt be happier to tell you all of these goodies are GREAT STUFF!!

By the way, i just want to give you a little update..... ok proudly i announcing I have graduated from cosmetology school on June 6th (the day after mybday), what could have been better as my bday gift?! :D

Alright back to the haul, here the names of these goodies : Sephora Mattifying Foundation, Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, Cover FX Camouflage Concealer, Illamasqua nail polish, A little box that contains self tanner and bronzer from Tarte, and Benefit Cosmetics "Watt's Up" highlighter and "they're real!" mascara in travel sizes.

Like i've said all items works great and let me know if there is any of them you want me to review.

Good night beauties!