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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baltimore Trip (Hair Show & Explore the City)

Hello bloggers! So happy to be back again blogging here. Last month, our school held a trip to Baltimore purposely to attending a hair show! I thought i had to go no matter what, this was such a wonderful opportunity to be missed, correct?

So we departed from school on May 4th around 10 am and unfortunately we were stuck somewhere on the highway for around 1-2 hours. We had no clue what was going on, but yeah that was pretty sucks being bored in the bus for that long. And finally around 5 pm we arrived in Baltimore city.

The next morning (1st day of hairshow)
The Hairshow was held at Baltimore Convention Center. I was so excited to see the whole show. When we got in, all of us given a huge bag that contains some hair products from "it's a 10" brand. I couldnt be happier get all the free goodies!

If you wanna see what i got inside the bag, then better stay still , keep scrolling down and surely keep reading ;)

My morning wouldnt be complete without OOTD self picture! ;) 

Okay so we got into the building and there were so many classes held by each hair products brand. Instead, i was browsing around seeing what deals they have. Then after got couple stuff i interested to, we sat to watch some classes. 

This one is "CHI" class. The lady who is on the stage is so cool! She expresses her face and do some movements along as she goes in doing hair. 

Unexpectedly, we found him. Look at his hair, isnt that so cool? We didnt let the chance slips off to take picture with him!

Then finally, we started getting hungry and spotted a cool Japanese restaurant across the street from the building!! I ordered miso soup and volcano rolls if im not mistaken of what the name was.... 

 I just fell in love with my bowl really. It's so cute and really small :(. But the taste was so good though. And somehow i lost my roll picture :/

Then after that, we had some quite of walk and found this attraction in "Inner Harbor" (if im not mistaken of the name) :

Don't ask me what she was doing because i had no idea how to exactly explain this in english ;P

More pictures :

Then we back to hotel to dress up little bit for the night. Here some pictures of our 'girls night out' :

Just FYI, i dont drink, the picture was taken just for fun lol, those drinks were my friends'. 

The 2nd day of show (last day)
I wasnt really excite for the 2nd day as i already know how the show was on the 1st day. But we attended a class from "Aquage" which pretty much about hair makeovers - haircuts and hairdos. 

My Outfit :
a high heel is a must have for a shortie like me!

And 3 of us in the entrance of Baltimore Convention Center :

I had much fun during the trip and i hope i will be back some time in Baltimore and get to explore more! and these are all free hair stuff and some haul i bring home from the show :

Have you ever go to hairshow? How was it?