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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review : Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer

Welcome back to the review post! I know it's been a quite a while since the last time i did a review post. Today's review is Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer. Has anyone tried this? 

Product Description ( taken from here )
What it is:A medicated concealer that helps clear and prevent blemishes.
What it does:This medicated concealer contains a gentle, soothing formula that provides natural-looking coverage as blemishes heal. It's offered in three skintone shades and can be worn alone, under makeup, or used for touch-ups. Plus, it has a green tint to visually correct redness under makeup. This oil-free concealer blends evenly and provides a smooth, matte, natural-looking finish.

Packaging : nice tube packaging, because it travel-sized friendly, when u hold it, it feels so soft on ur palm. The thing i like is no matter how much you squeeze it, it will go back to its own shape (no squeezed look).

Texture : thick liquid that dries super quick. So yeah please work fast!

Application : pea sized amount should be really enough. A little goes a long way rule, girls! And i always apply this concealer before foundation. 

Then i dot them on some blemishes area on my face and blend it with my ring finger and the result is here.

Coverage : medium to full coverage, it does conceal the blemishes but the product itself i found not blendable, creates uneven skin tone look ( look the picture above) and i look so funny on the picture lol. By the way i picked the shade no. 02. 

This is shade is little too light for medium skin tone like me. Maybe that is one of reasons why it doesnt create even skin tone look on me. And why do i wear this before foundation? Because the concealer isn't blendable enough, creates uneven look , so to make it even , i use foundation to fix the whole look. 

And for the oil control : 3-4 hours my face would start to little melt. 

Shades : available in 4 shades.
Price : $16.50
Where to buy : Any Clinique counters. I bought mine from Sephora, click here .
Repurchase : No for a long time, I might someday to pick the shade 03. 

I've been own this concealer for about couple months and i dont find any improvement on my skin using this concealer. I still do have same blemishes and redness, but im glad this doesnt break my skin out! 

Likes :
  • Conceal blemishes or redness
  • Medium - full coverage
  • Travel-sized friendly packaging
  • A little goes a long way
  • Doesn't break my skin out
Dislikes :
  • Doesn't blendable
  • After application, creates uneven skin tone look 
  • Dries very quickly
  • Cakey
  • The shade is too light for medium skin tone
  • Limited shades

So, what do you think of this concealer. By the way, what is your currently must-have concealer?

Thanks so much guys for checking out this post! Have a good day :)