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Monday, December 13, 2010

Are You Ready for Christmas Yet?

Christmas is nearly to come! Im so excited for christmas. I took some pics with my old christmas tree before going to church.

Ready for church :

This is the mini flower garden at aunty's place where i use to take nail pics as a background :)

Those pics taken yesterday though.

Okay so now just created christmas nail art. I made different designs on each nail. Im glad i done this, i always love christmas!

For this nail art, i started with base coat from Pixy, 2 coats of BK902 from The Faceshop as base color.

Pinky : snowman (white polish, blue polish, and black polish). These polishes are bought from unknown brand polish and very very cheap price that i always use to play with designs and usually used for making dots.

Ring : bell ( green from Eternally, red from Pixy, white polish)

Middle : Santa Stick ( red from Pixy, white polish)

Index : christmas tree ( green from Eternally , 9 lady Blossom from Maybelline , BL601 from The Faceshop , white polish, brown gold from Pixy).

Thumb : Santa socks ( red from Pixy and white polish)

The Christmas Nail Art is done :)