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Saturday, December 18, 2010

18 December 2010

Lost idea to create the title, then i decided to pick the date of today as a title of this post. I been not feeling well since 2 days ago, my back feels hurt and tired i dont know why, might be homesick (that what my fiance said though). And yes i missing Bali very very very much!

I got new items related to nail stuff. I got rhinestone ( im not sure what the name) and some stickers. I done 2 nail art designs to my own nail and my aunty with the rhinestone.

First mani, i used base coat from Pixy, white polish for french line, glitter from Eternally, purple rhinestone, and purple from Eternally to create some dots.

Here it is :

I know the glitter doesnt look clear on the on the pics :(

For the second mani, i was doing my aunty's nail, she is actually my first model to practice on for another hand nails. She is glad i done her nails, so am i :). I started with base coat from Pixy, making line french with Sparkling Beach from LA Splash, white polish to create tiny line below it then applied yellow rhinestones and last is top coat from Pixy.

Here it is :

Thanks for reading!