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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mushroom Mario Bros

Hi, finally done to refilled ds-156 form for many many many times. I might be an expert to remember numbers and address after refilled that form too many times! But i glad that i wont have to refill that form anymore :).

Today i created mushroom mario bros which i planned yesterday. I was so excited to creating this nail art since i love mushroom very very much. I used many colors as i decided to put different colors of each nail.

Here it is "Mushroom Mario Bros"

So, for this nail art i started with base coat from Pixy , then applied 2 coats of PK104 (The Faceshop) as base color, then created mushroom head with different color of each nail, white polish (unknown brand-polish) for below of mushroom's head and black polish (unknown brand-polish) to create the eyes of the doll. Last, of course a top coat from Pixy. Im sorry if i wasnt explain them in right english.

These are nail polishes that i used :

The "PK104" as base color :

While in the middle of the process :

Done :)