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Friday, October 11, 2013

My 5 Fave Drugstore Lipsticks ( Fall Edition )

Nude lipsticks have been my fave to wear these past few weeks. Especially the ones with pink based. It brings little edge and somewhat feminine to it. And i think it goes with any makeup look. I normally wear smokey eyes / neutral make up on my daily basis. My picks for 5 faves drugstore lipstick in this fall season :

Left to Right :
Maybelline Color Whisper - "Oh La Lilac"
L'Oreal Colour Riche - "Fairest Nude" 
L'Oreal Colour Riche - "Tickled Pink"
Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick - "Beige Forgood"
Wet n Wild - "511B"

Don't they just look so beautiful? They do!
  • "Oh La Lilac" : One of my go to lipstick. Goes really sheer yet gives it true color. It has slight purple tone to its shade. It last for couple hours until you have meal. 

  • "Nude Fairest" : I would say this is the nudest shade you can ever get. I mean it. It's creamy and gives matte finish. You might disliking the strong scent that on it. I never wear this lipstick alone because the nudest pigment it gives, so i always layer it up with light pink lipgloss. For this post purpose, i wore this lipstick alone.

  • "Pink Tickled" : After application, you may find it looking like very frosty pink. And sometimes showing off more the dryness of my lips, so i always make sure i wear really good lip balm underneath. However, i love the finish look it gives on my lips. Very chic and girlie.

  • "Beige Forgood" : Definitely 100% matte lipstick. I'll never forget the very pleasant strong scent it has. It smells like fruity and doesnt bother me at all. I describe the shade as dark warm nude and when you swipe it, it's like a magic marker for your lips. And i think this one close similar to "Fairest Nude" in deeper shade version.  Pigmentation totally great but doesn't really moisturizing your lip though. Clear lipgloss over the top would be a great match altogether.

  • "511B" - This one isn't a nude lipstick like the most of i've mentioned above, but this one is my fave too during fall especially for the night out. The shade is very hot pink reminds me of barbie lips. This lipstick gives stain to your lips. It's creamy and gives slight glossy finish. And you can't beat the price for this 99cent lipstick or even less than that! I cant remember :/ 

Have any of these lippies been your fave lately? Let me know! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Recent Fall Outfits & Make Up Look

Fall season has finally here. What happened to summer that just been here? I have mixed up feeling for this transisition season, i love both of them but i wish summer could have been longer. Now is sweather weather and rocking my boots. There are some days when the weather still heating up to 80F but not so often anymore. Rencently it's been around 60F. 

My fave bottom to wear is legging or tights. They do look good together with boots. 

With legging, i love to wear it with simple top and layer it up with "long sleeve sweather"which i really love and i got it from a thrift store for really good price. It's kind of like "crop top" style in long sleeve version. 

With my tights, i worn it with  wool dress that i got from my sister long time ago. The dress is somewhat longer than i expected so i put the belt on to pull it up and make it look shorter. I find that my short profile body doesnt look good with longer dress that reach to my knee length. 

You know that i cant go anywhere without my purse. Lately i worn my leopard purse alot that i got from Boscovs for $20, yes what a steal! The pattern is so bold enough to balance out the outfit. And my boots is from TjMaxx and the color match well with the purse. 

Onto the makeup, just light smoky eye make up with nude lipstick that has pink base to it for daily basis. Mostly my everyday makeup look like this.

What do you guys think? Which outfit do you like more? :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mississippi Road Trip - August 2013

This is a pleasure for me to share my road trip to Mississippi yet a a special reunited meeting with my big sister who i had not meet for over past 5 years. Yep 5 years. I was still in Indonesia for the 3 years ever since she left for US and then on 2011 i arrived on the land of USA at John Kennedy International Airport NY to meet the love of my life and share the lifetime with him through marriage.

Anyway onto the trip.. The vacation trip was planned to visit Canada to see Niagara Falls. And then for some reason we changed the plan and decided to go to Mississippi instead where my sister lives. The road trip took 18 hours driving. I couldnt believe we made it total 36 hours back and forth. That ammount of trip do not include stops, rests,etc. Gosh that trip exhausted me so much and of course my hubby the driver got alot more exhausted than i did.

I love Mississippi weather and places were beautiful. It was sunny everyday well actually it was rain couple times. We had great times there. We visited the ocean, explored the town and I've got to tried my first Korean dishes and i love it.

Not only that, we visited a zoo at Hattiesburg MS. I never been a fan going to zoo but that time we searched for some attraction places to visit and zoo was came up on the 1st list. I was like hey lets go to zoo tomorrow. And we did and it was so beautiful zoo. We enjoyed it. 

We had a great time afterall. Just ammount of time we had to spend on the road was kinda killing me. But we had stops quite times for each state we went through and that helped. :) But myself prefer travelling by airplane. What about u? Do you prefer travelling by airplane or roadtrip?  See you guys :)