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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tutorial : Cut your own bangs (side bangs)!

Hi guys! Im pretty sure we all ever had times when your bangs got too long and you dont feel like to go to salon just for it. It could be waste your money and time. Here i have a tutorial how to cut your own bang in side way based on how i learned at school.  I kind use the school technique little bit and combined with how i like to do it so this might not be the most right technique to do but this is just my way to do it.

This is when i feel my bang is getting too long:

no make up face, pardon me for un-flawless skin! :)

Things that you need :
- Couple clips
- Shears / razor ( i recommend razor for more natural looking bangs )
- Rat tail comb

Before we start, please be careful with your shears/razor to avoiding cut yourself. I done it couple times already lol and it hurted so bad!

Steps :
1. Take your rat tail comb and section your bang/fringe area into triangle. (see the picture below)

Then take your clips to secure all the hair around to make your work alot easier.

2. Now decide what side you want your bang fall. Here i take right side bang. Brush and pull your hair to opposite direction. Because i want RIGHT SIDE bang, so i pull my hair into LEFT SIDE.  This technique isn't necessarily to do, but i like to do it this way because i feel it works better. Please feel free to cut it on the same side as desired the bang going to fall at.

3. Now cut your bang with shears. (see picture below)
You see i take my hair in the left side and based on the picture above, i already cut halfway of my bang. And go ahead cut the remaining hair as direction of your finger position (diagonally).

4. Position your shears or razor upright and start cut your new bangs to achieve natural looking. Just cut slightly on the ends of your new bangs.

5. Bring back the new bang to right side and comb it. And you are done :)

I hope you guys find this tutorial helpful. And if u tried this please let me know how it turn out. :) Thanks for checking this post out. Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hauling for Christmas Scents! (Bath & Body Works)

Lately i have been over excited for christmas as you may know from my previous post that i transformed a plain tree into decorative christmas tree. Also if you guys notice especially who live in US, most of the stores already put christmas stuff up everywhere even make me more more and more excited. So today, i went to mall and stopped purposely at Bath & Body Works store and as usual that store looking awesome perfectly preeeetieh.. I looked christmas scents stuff here and there and i completely lost in my own christmas world (*trying to sounds so exaggerate*). And you know BBW stuff are attractively made!

They have some deals on wallflowers plug scent stuff like 4 for $20 and 6 for $24. I picked 6 for $24 in which i got 2 fragrance plugs and 4 fragrance bulbs. Then i also picked one fragrance room spray (Frosted Cranberry) and one mini hand sanitizer. So everything was around $31 and i got coupons of $10 off with purchase $30 from my previous shopping so i had to pay only $21 for 8 items! Im so happy!! :D And if im not mistaken you can get this coupon code or any coupon codes from the website (click here). That's such a good deal and you shouldnt miss it if u are BBW lover especially they have awesome range selections scents for christmas season!

- 2 Wallflowers Fragrance Plugs
- Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Sanitizers
- Frosted Cranberry Fragrance Room Spray
- 4 Wallflowers Fragrance Bulbs ( 2 of Fresh Balsams, Vanilla Bean Noel , and Frosted Cranberry )

They said the wallflowers lasting up to 6-8 weeks but many reviews that i have read they said it last to 4 weeks. And i plugged one with Fresh Balsam now, for the first minutes i thought it didnt work at all then in 30 mins to one hour the scents starts to spread out slightly strong and soo nice until now. Hopefully they will smell good and noticeable everyday!

Do you have wallflowers from Bath and Body Works? Which scent you love the most for this upcoming Christmas?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY : Tree Transformation!

Does anyone excited for christmas already? I am! I know some of you guys probably gonna say : oh calm down, this is only november seriously! Hmm i know, im excited for christmas too early and cant help myself lol.

Okay do you guys remember the post with title My 1st Photoshoot / Make-up "Marissa Cornell" ? When we were doing photoshoot , i happened to find a small falling down tree and got an idea to transform it as my christmas tree to be placed in my bedroom. Then i carried that tree all our way back to the school apartment.

Feeling so happy that night, photoshoots done, got free tree, i was thinking alot how im gonna work on this tree. Around 1 week later, i went to dollar tree to get all the stuff i need. I spent around $15 in total.

As always, i planned to get the pictures of all items i bought but then i forgot because i was too excited to start the project lol. Instead i will just mention them : multicolored christmas lights , multicolored ornament balls, red tinsel garlands, red ribbon, decorative bows.

When i started my work, it was such a PAIN to eliminate those branches as much as i could. Having too many branches meaning alot of work for me to wrapping with the ribbon. Then i started to wrapping the tinsel garlands from the bottom all the way up and change with ribbon to wrap the small branches. I used glue gun here to make them tightly wrapped against the tree. And there is most enjoyable part : start decorating! I put some ornament balls here and there..

Then all of sudden i thought why dont i hang some pictures on it ?

And finally done..... with very cute bows and lights! :)

This might be a very different christmas tree ever but it works for me. And this is how i usually sleep at night with :

Do you like DIY project? Have you done it lately? If so, what was it? :)

Thanks for checking this post out!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

October 2012 Favorites!

Hello! As always i am little bit behind to making monthly favorites post than most other beauty bloggers. For October i cant presenting make up items due to havent been purchased any make up stuff in these past months. I still have good amount of make up items and i dont have idea what to buy also i been using same stuff over and over and you guys know most of them already included in my previous favorites post.

1. Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
I got this a long time ago, maybe around 5 months back? I use this as my exfoliator, twice a week and i absolutely love what the feel it gives after use. I cant really see improvement on my skin from using this, but i keep using it since it doesnt break me out and feels so nice on my skin.

2. Suave Rosemary + Mint Shampoo
Super affordable shampoo from Suave line. And this one works well for my daily shampoo. Based on what i learned at school, if you have oily dandruff issue on ur scalp, try to get treatment products with rosemary formula to it will fighting against itchiness. Other good stuff to find are lemon, cedarwood, and thyme.

3. Suave Rosemary + Mint Conditioner
This one is really good too. The smooth of my hair does noticeable by touch.

4. Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant (Body Lotion)
The smells is really like cocoa, you gonna love it if u like cocoa smells. And it does make my skin smooth all day.

5. Yankee Candle "Christmas in Paris"
Smells mmmmmm. You can tell how much i love this by seeing the picture.. i almost run out! It has pure pine smells, so relaxing and the intense of the smell is awesome! Yankee candle is the best!

6. Candle Holder from Bath and Body Works
I got this from clearance section. The price was cut down from $8 to $4. Yeah baby! :) Wanna see how beautiful the candle and the holder look together?

Well i know it doesnt look that perfect because the candle obviously way taller than the holder but i still love it <3

What is your most October favorite? Share me ;)

Thanks for checking this out!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

All These Manicures!

I know i seems dissapear from blogosphere ever since i started my school. I realize this isnt easy to keep blogging constantly within a week at least. Either if im in the mood for blogging or literally distracted by bunch of homeworks and exams. And by the way, how u guys been doing? How was your halloween? Was it fab? Mine was pretty fun and i didnt dress up due to lack of idea for who i gonna be. And that was my first halloween too here. If your Indonesian, you will understand that it's not really "big thing" there for Halloween celebration. That's why i kind of little weird and had no idea what to dress up as. I had fun though watching almost all my friends dressing up in various costumes. :) My roomate was being barbie doll so i helped her to done her make up and as usual i didnt remember to take pics of her barbie look.

Anyway, i have many manicures i done a while ago that havent posted yet here. so this is the time :)

First Manicure ( my friend's nails) :

All nail polishes that i used for the 1st manicure is my friend's. And i forgot to take picture of them... sorry! :(

2nd Manicure (my own nails) :

The products i used for 2nd manicure:

Left to Right:
- Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat
- Love My Nails "White"
- Wet n Wild "Undercover"
- Sally Hansen "Ice Queen" see the swatches post here .
- Sinful Colors " Sugar Sugar "

3rd Manicure (my friend's nails) :

Again no nail polishes mentioned for this manicure :( i used hers. For the flowers i used dotting tool and pretty much just dotting the nails create the flowers.

4th Manicure ( my friend's nails ) :

Products used :

- Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat
- Essie "Nice is nice"
- Love My Nails "Frosted Purple"
- Sally Hansen "Ice Queen"

5th Manicure (my own nails) :

This manicure inspired by the small pocket i recently purchased last month , even though i didnt use the exact color , but still looks similar, isnt it? :)

Products used :

- Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat
- Essie "Nice is nice"
- Love My Nails "Frosted Purple"

There all manicures i done for these past few months. Not so many i know because i regularly just wearing the basic one color of nail polish and they already herefor a single nail polish swatch post.

So guys i hope you enjoy this post. Which manicure you like the most? :)

Thanks for checking this post out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My 1st Photoshoot / Make-up : Marissa Cornell

For finally being in the US, i got my first model to practice my make up skill! Yay. She is my roomate. Im so happy and excited to share my first pieces with you! These photos were just taken tonight. Lol we were walking down the street tried to find good spot to get some great shoots. Here they are :

I actually still have alot of pictures , it gonna be so heavy to displayed all them here, so i took the best ones. It was so much fun, i enjoyed every shots that we had and the best thing was her talent of "posing" make things alot easier and faster! I am not a pro and this is my first time done make-up and photoshoots to someone else. I quite happy and proud of myself. Thanks Marissa for being such a great model! Im looking forward for the next one! :)

What do you guys think? Which picture is your most favorite? :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 2012 Favorites!

September Favorites is here! Check these goodies out! ;)

Close ups :

1. ion Anti-frizz Solutions Hard-To-Hold Hair Spray
This is the hairspray i have been using on September. I love the cute pink bottle for the most! The smell is nice too. It doesnt give too hard feeling on your hair after application, unlike some hairsprays would give. Hold curl or any style well and last long.

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
This eyeliner is very good quality. It stays on without smudge at all over 7 hours or more. It's waterproof and dries super quick. You wear this means you are safe for the day.

3. L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara (Black)
My currently favorite mascara! Packaging is so elegant, looks expensive and shiny! I always apply 2 coats and it gives enough "drama" on my eyelashes. Interested in review? ;)

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner
This eyeliner perfect for lining waterline. I used it everyday and feel like my eye makeup wont look done without this eyeliner on my bottom waterline.

5. Bath and Body Works Room Spray in "Fresh Cotton"
It smells wonderful! I spray my room 2 quick bursts before i leave for school then 6 hours later i come back my room, oh it still smells good. Also, once u spray them and u open ur door little bit, the smell spread out of the room amazingly. This scent is my favorite, so refreshing! Very recommended for smelling yummy products lover!

6. TRESemme Flawless Curls Defining Gel
When my hair on curly, i love to use this gel. It holds my curls really well and last super long - even longer than ion hairspray. 

What is your September Faves? :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Pictures!

Hello guys! I wanna sharing of what my life has been in pictures... 

The manicure that i did last week, reminds me of cupcake icing :) 

We were on local newspaper for "A" Honor Roll! Im so proud and happy for myself :') 

Ok, finally i got myself table lamp. Look at the leopard prints? Arent they look so adorable?? I got it from Walmart for around $10. Yes good deal! 

I got big change on my hair. First picture is when i still had long layers hair, then 2nd picture : i got my bang cutted, then the 3rd one which is now : one of my friend gave me medium layers cut. what do you think? Sometime i miss my hair :(

The gorgeous rainbow that i captured few days ago. I had to take picture of this for sure! 

Recently, our school was holding haircut competition and im so grateful for being lucky to got a model. My model has smooth, easy-manage hair so those made my work easy and pretty fast. I basically just cleaned and take an inch off her hair. I know it's not my best piece but im glad i had a chance to do her hair :) 

The last picture is my adorable hello kitty slippers. I recently got it from Tj Maxx for $10. i love it so much , its cute and very comfy. Btw, do you wear slippers? (just curious) :)

Hope you guys enjoy this post, thanks for checking out. Have a wonderful day!