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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY : Tree Transformation!

Does anyone excited for christmas already? I am! I know some of you guys probably gonna say : oh calm down, this is only november seriously! Hmm i know, im excited for christmas too early and cant help myself lol.

Okay do you guys remember the post with title My 1st Photoshoot / Make-up "Marissa Cornell" ? When we were doing photoshoot , i happened to find a small falling down tree and got an idea to transform it as my christmas tree to be placed in my bedroom. Then i carried that tree all our way back to the school apartment.

Feeling so happy that night, photoshoots done, got free tree, i was thinking alot how im gonna work on this tree. Around 1 week later, i went to dollar tree to get all the stuff i need. I spent around $15 in total.

As always, i planned to get the pictures of all items i bought but then i forgot because i was too excited to start the project lol. Instead i will just mention them : multicolored christmas lights , multicolored ornament balls, red tinsel garlands, red ribbon, decorative bows.

When i started my work, it was such a PAIN to eliminate those branches as much as i could. Having too many branches meaning alot of work for me to wrapping with the ribbon. Then i started to wrapping the tinsel garlands from the bottom all the way up and change with ribbon to wrap the small branches. I used glue gun here to make them tightly wrapped against the tree. And there is most enjoyable part : start decorating! I put some ornament balls here and there..

Then all of sudden i thought why dont i hang some pictures on it ?

And finally done..... with very cute bows and lights! :)

This might be a very different christmas tree ever but it works for me. And this is how i usually sleep at night with :

Do you like DIY project? Have you done it lately? If so, what was it? :)

Thanks for checking this post out!