Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hair Transformation : From Medium Ash Blonde to Burgundy Red ( Demi Permanent Hair Color )

Hello my friends! Today's post is about my hair transformation i did recently in my own bathroom. I have been wanting to have red burgundy hair for such a long time. So i went to Sally's Beauty Supply nearby my house and picked the color i want. I personally don't know yet if i want to commit with this red burgundy color for a long time so i went ahead picked the "Demi Permanent Hair Color" which suppose to last between 3 to 6 weeks. I picked 6 RV "Light Burgundy Blonde" ( demi permanent  hair color ) from the brand " Ion Color Brilliance "

I have been always happy with this hair dye brand before. They always give my hair the perfect result  in terms of color that I want my hair to be. 

With the demi permanent hair color, you only work with 10 volume developer. 10 Volume Developer will only deposit the color into your hair. Since i had medium ash blonde all over my hair except my roots, this red burgundy color will only showed up on that part only except my roots which is pure black that won't pick up this color unless i use higher volume of developer. The higher volume of developer you use, the higher your hair will be lightened up.

 You gonna need : mixing bowl, hair brush, gloves, hair color, developer and t-shirt you don't care about. The color going to stain your t-shirt like no joke especially working with red pigment.

I put all hair color into my mixing bowl.

Then i put 10 volume of developer in as much as till the consistency looks like cake batter when you mixing them together.

I sectioned my hair into 4 parts ( 2 on tops and 2 on bottoms ) and work my way evenly until every single sections covered entirely. I let them sit 30 - 40 mins.

After 40 mins going away, i threw my t-shirt away into the trash and wash my hair. For a second, i was shocked that my shower floor filled with red water dripping down from my hair. It was bit scary like there was murder action happened in my shower. No matter how long i rinse my hair, the water always dripping down red. Then after i done washing my hair, i had to scrub off my entire bath tube cause this hair color stain anywhere on it.

I styled my hair and so happy with the result. Im so in love with my new hair color and thinking to get the permanent hair color on this shade. Im still debating on doing it especially when I'm thinking i have to put more effort on scrub off my bath up every single time i wash my hair. Do i really ready with that commitment? I don't know.

And other things that......

Red hair washes off faster than any hair color and hardest color to maintain.

What do you think about this hair color on my hair? 

Thank you so much for reading this post. Until next time xx

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

3 Styling Ideas : Off The Shoulder Crop Top

Hello guys! Im excited to make this post. I have a new favorite fashion piece that i been loving lately. It's a off the shoulder crop top that seems very flattering to wear in the summer season. I have combined 3 styling ideas to wear off the shoulder crop top. The crop top I'm wearing in this post is from Hollister.

Watch the live video :

Style #1

On the style #1, i was thinking if i was going to some formal lunch / meeting that i want to look a bit sophisticated and chic at the same time , this outfit would be perfect for that occasion. 

And i picked my black Juicy Couture handbag that goes nice along with the whole look. 

Style #2

This style is my favorite look among these 3 looks. I would wear this outfit on shopping day or casual day out with my friends. What i really love about this outfit that white crop top paired with white jeans give such a clean impression into my look. Also, i think it's flattering and brightened up my skin. I used my purple clutch from Steve Madden as a pop of color into this outfit. 

Style #3

This style is suitable for beach day out! The short is very comfy to wear because it's made out of thin material that would feel so good when the wind blows. 

I paired all these 3 style looks with white wedges i bought few weeks ago from Target. 

Have a lovely week! 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

OOTD : Casual Monday

Im sorry for bad quality pictures. I was struggling with the lighting. My blog pictures relying its life to natural sunlight and unfortunately on that day the sun was playing their game on hide and seek so the picture couldn't turn out as good as i would want it :(

Tshirt : Target
Bottom : i got it way too long ago when i was still in Indonesia and i don't remember where i got it form.
Shoes : Nine West
Handbag : Ross Dress For Less
Sunglasses : Target

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Collective Fashion Haul June 2015

Hello! I did some shopping recently! Majority of them are fashion items and few beauty items. Now it's June couple stores having the semi annual sale event and of course you couldn't pass this up! :)

Watch the live video :

 Ross Dress For Less finds  :

Old Navy finds :

Forever21 finds :

Hollister finds :

Target finds :

Kate Spade handbag :

and the try ons!

Which ones are your favourite? Have you did some fashion shopping lately?

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