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Friday, December 31, 2010

Little Pieces

I really not sure if i should post this up. Its not my best nail art to show up. First. i didnt bring the items needed for nailing. Second, the lighting is very bad. Three, i couldnt use nail art pen good yet, still need more practice. Four, the inspiration was very less in creating design. Anyway, i always want to write here and post this up!

I named this nail art " Little Pieces". I started with base coat from Pixy, 2 coats of PK212 for half nail only from Skin Food, 2 coats of GR01 from Missha for French line. Then i created dots in different size with White Nail Art Pen from Etude House.  For the ring. i made different design with same colors.

Items i used :


 Thanks for viewing. And Happy New Year, may all your wishes will be fulfiled in 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GR01 - Missha

Another nail polish from Korea beside The Faceshop that i have is Missha Nail Polish. I have GR01 from Missha. I think GR is 2 letter code for Green but not sure though.

I applied 2 coats of GR01. Here it is :

I really love the color!

And do u think it is green polish? or blue?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Coconut Tree

I was going to create Palm Tree but then it changed into Coconut Tree since i really wanted to add some coconut on the center of the tree. This nail art wasnt too difficult than what i thought.

These are what i used :

For this nail art, i started with base coat from Pixy then 3 coats of GR501 from The Faceshop, brown from Pixy, green from Eternally, gold brown from Pixy and top coat from Pixy. 

GR501 from The Faceshop

Coconut Tree Nail Art

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This time i created lollipop nail art. My sis gave me new nail stuff as christmas present. They are pink nail polish (PK003), nail art pen, rhinestone and sticker from Etude House. Those stuff very beautiful! So, Lollipop is first design i took with this Etude House's stuff.

For this nail art, i started with base coat from Pixy, 4 coats from PK003 (Etude House), painted lollipop with white nail art pen (Etude House) and the last applied top coat from Pixy.

4 coats of PK003 from Etude House as base color

Lollipop Nail Art

I know its not perfect and little bit messy.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hello guys! i had long day yesterday and really needed long relaxing time as mind and body. Today i back to create a nail art :).  Still in christmas theme, so i made snowman nail art. I done both of my hands but the right hand isnt as good as the left hand. and it took me hours to finish because i was really slow doing my right hand. And actually i hate it, its so pain to painting by left hand .

So for this nail art, i started with base coat from Pixy, 3 coats of Blowfish Blue from LA Splash, white polish for snowman, black polish for eyes and hat , red for shawl and BL601 from The Faceshop for the snow.


Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brown Glitter Floral

Hello guys! Tomorrow is gonna big-nervous-excited day for me. Im so very nervous for tomorrow and super excited  also.  So today i made nail art for tomorrow. And im going to wear brown top , that why i used gold and brown color for my nails.

I started with base coat from Pixy, 2 coats of gold brown (Pixy), then one coat of  Glitter (Eternally), a french line with brown color from Pixy, then applied half-flower sticker of each nail. And the last is top coat from Pixy.

These are what i used :

Brown Glitter Floral

Monday, December 20, 2010

RD 301 (The Faceshop)

Yesterday i had early christmas celebration at church. The celebration was great and i had my nails red. I used 2 coats of RD 301 from The Faceshop. I love this color and im going to say Thank You to my cousin who gave me this polish. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sparkling Beach (LA Splash)

Hello everyone! I still need recovery from what just happened! i made christmas tree fallen down all over to the ground lol. i had no idea why it could happen, i didnt hit it strong, i just "very" little bit touched it but yes the tree very very very old like i ever told you, mum bought it when i was 4. i was speechless when it did happening in front of my eyes. and anyone laught of course. thats gross of me! some christmas stuff of tree broken and messy on the ground. lol that was funny actually.

Ok, to the nail now i have "Sparkling Beach" from LA Splash. The color is great and its glitter polish. One coat is good enough but i used to having 2 coats.

"Sparkling Beach" ( LA Splash)

2 coats of Sparkling Beach (LA Splash)

18 December 2010

Lost idea to create the title, then i decided to pick the date of today as a title of this post. I been not feeling well since 2 days ago, my back feels hurt and tired i dont know why, might be homesick (that what my fiance said though). And yes i missing Bali very very very much!

I got new items related to nail stuff. I got rhinestone ( im not sure what the name) and some stickers. I done 2 nail art designs to my own nail and my aunty with the rhinestone.

First mani, i used base coat from Pixy, white polish for french line, glitter from Eternally, purple rhinestone, and purple from Eternally to create some dots.

Here it is :

I know the glitter doesnt look clear on the on the pics :(

For the second mani, i was doing my aunty's nail, she is actually my first model to practice on for another hand nails. She is glad i done her nails, so am i :). I started with base coat from Pixy, making line french with Sparkling Beach from LA Splash, white polish to create tiny line below it then applied yellow rhinestones and last is top coat from Pixy.

Here it is :

Thanks for reading!