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Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Hat

I was saying earlier today that i was on mood to having plain nails and it wasnt that long enough to stay in the mood lol. i was enjoying myself to watching my old christmas tree that mum bought when i was 4. Then the inspiration just came through my mind to create santa hat on nail. Then i just created them.

I started with base coat from Pixy, then 2 coats of BK902 (The Faceshop) as base color, then create white french line with white (unknown brand-polish), red for hat (Pixy), white for create small round shape on top of hat (unknown brand-polish), and the last one is top coat from Pixy.

This is another nail polish from The Faceshop which i say given by my sister and used as base color for this nail art.

"Santa Hat Nail Art"