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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sparkling Beach (LA Splash)

Hello everyone! I still need recovery from what just happened! i made christmas tree fallen down all over to the ground lol. i had no idea why it could happen, i didnt hit it strong, i just "very" little bit touched it but yes the tree very very very old like i ever told you, mum bought it when i was 4. i was speechless when it did happening in front of my eyes. and anyone laught of course. thats gross of me! some christmas stuff of tree broken and messy on the ground. lol that was funny actually.

Ok, to the nail now i have "Sparkling Beach" from LA Splash. The color is great and its glitter polish. One coat is good enough but i used to having 2 coats.

"Sparkling Beach" ( LA Splash)

2 coats of Sparkling Beach (LA Splash)