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Sunday, January 29, 2012

NOTD : Black and Red Mani

Hello everyone. I finally taking my CNY mani off my fingernails today. But still wanting something red on my nails. So this is the mani i just created :

These are what i used : 

- L.A. Colors Base and Top Coat
- Love My Nails Seduce Red 108
- The Faceshop BK901
- L.A. Colors BNA503 - Gold Glitter
- Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat

NOTD : Black and Red Mani

That is all for today. I hope you enjoy this post. Thanks so much for viewing and have a good day :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 Questions Tag

Hello guys. How are you doing? I absolutely love this day. It is so bright, sunny and yet little bit chilly. So today i got another tag named "11 Question Tag". I would love to say thank you very much to my 2 fellow beauty blogger : Art Evolve and Pieces of Me. They gave me this tag.

Rules :
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog. 
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. 
  • You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her. 
  • No tag backs. 
  • No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this'. 
  • You legitimately have to tag 11 people.
Ok lets start :

11 Things About Me:
  1. I have little bit wavy hair and its really drying and too long. I seriously need haircut!
  2. I have a goofy dog named "Lolly" and i really love her!
  3. I get bored very easy. 
  4. My shoe's size is 5,5 - 6.. such a very tiny feet huh? :D 
  5. My laptop and internet is almost my whole life. 
  6. I use concealer brush to lining my eyes. I found this better last week and it works as well like eyeliner brush :)
  7. I really love seafood. 
  8. I always trying to buy stuff with less price. 
  9. The season i love the most is summer.
  10. I dreaming to travelling around the world one day. My biggest dream destination is Europe.
  11. Whenever you hit follow to any of my blogs, i always smile and happy. It means alot to me. 
Questions from Art Evolve : 

1. What did you want to be when you grow up? (As a child :D)
Me : I was dreaming to be a doctor or stewardess! 
2.  What is your favourite time of the day or night?
Me : Lunch Time :D
3. If you could fix one thing about this world, what would it be?
Me : no war in the world. every countries get along well one another then no visa required for every countries to visit each other, that way i freely to go anywhere :D and no more hunger. 
4. What is your favourite music?
Me : Pop. i love K-pop and Jay Chou music never tiring me ever!
5. If you could change into any animal (or reptile) any time you wanted to, what would it be?
Me : Bird, i can fly anywhere i want :)
6. What is the first thing you would do if tomorrow morning there was a zombie apocalypse? XD
Me : Haha, i have no idea. Probably screaming for help. i dont know :D
7. If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would it be?
Me : my families who already passed away : dad, grandfather,grandmother.
8. If you had the opportunity to travel the universe with Dr. Who, would you do it?  (Also, where would you like to go first?)
Me : actually im not sure who Dr. Who is lol. 
9. What is your favourite gemstone?
Me : I really have no idea. Any gemstone i like. 
10. What was your favourite class in school?
Me : 2nd grade of senior highschool. I had such great time.
11. Tell me about someone who made a huge impact on your life.
Me : My husband and i have to say my family :)

Questions from Pieces Of Me :

1. What is your HG foundation?
Me : Ok i am not sure what HG is but currently im using Fit Me Maybelline Foundation :)
2. What is your daily skincare routine?
Me : I use Loreal 360 go deep clean in green to wash my face then i just using olay mosturizer. And 3 times a week i do facial mask treatment and what i do is squeeze lemon juice into cotton pad and dab it softly to my breakouts part of my face. Leave it on 10 mins then rinse it off with cool water :D
3. What is your favourite movie ever?
Me : Harry Potter movies!
4. Do you like korean cosmetics?
Me : Yes!!
5. What is your favourite brand for skincare? why you love it?
Me : i dont know. honestly i havent find the best one for my skin so i still experimenting any skincare brand. 
6. Do you use eye cream?
Me : no :(
7. What is your favourite book now?
Me : Sophie Kinsela - Shophaholic series, its old ones, but i think they most enjoyable book i ever read till now. 
8. What are you doing when you have a leisure time?
Me : Shopping or if i stay at home, would straight go to bathtube and have some nice bubble bath with my favourite music and nice scent candle!
9. Do you like to eat junk food?
Me : YES :) love them because taste really good :)
10. Do you collect something? what are your collections?
Me : Yes. Handbags, nail polishes, accesories 
11. Chocolate milk or Strawberry milk?
Me : Love them both. Probably Strawberry Milk. 

Now the hardest part for me to do :(. Ok this is 11 questions for people i tag on :
1. What is the most regret thing have you ever done , (if you could turn back time and fix it) ?
2. What thing of the men that mostly pissed you off?
3. Do you carry your water bottle everytime you go?
4. What drink that you mostly order in the restaurant?
5. How much money you spend per month for beauty stuff? 
6. Tell me all the countries where you have visited! :)
7. What part of your body that you most concern about or you taking care most? 
8. What is your favourite food?
9. What kind of people that you absolutely cant stand for?
10. When did you start blogging and who inspired you?
11. What is your favourite store? :)

Yay i did it! :D 

Now i tag this to :

ALL DONE! Woohoo! :) I hope you enjoy this post. Bye :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tjmaxx Mini Haul

Hi everyone. This is my first haul post. Today I was wanting to go out and do little shopping. So my husband took me out to Tjmaxx.

Well, from few months ago I thought to organizing my jeweleries better. I dont have alot of so I just put them inside tall box. But then I realized it wasnt good because I did find couple my earings stick together. So were my necklaces. I always had to seperate them in couple mins whenever I going to wear one of them. Then today I found beautiful hearts jewelery stand for $10. I thought that wasnt bad at all.

Then since I am purse fanatic, I cant leave the stores without buy a purse. I got beautiful one on clearance rack for $28,99.

Everytime i buy purse, i always excited and cant wait for going out and hang the new purse on my hand lol. 

Ok guys i hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for viewing :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year Mani 2012

Hello guys. How have you been doing? First, im going to say Happy CNY 2012, the year of dragon. May all of you have all blessings in this year!

Apologize for late post. I was so busy yesterday and i was only be able to do one post on my new blog. If you would like to see it feel free to visit here. And dont forget to follow if you like :) 

Now i have the mani to show you :

I was going to create dragons but i had no idea how to! Also, last year i made CNY mani, click here if you would love to see. 

So these are what i used :

- L.A. Colors Base and Top Coat
- Sinful Colors 839 Sugar Sugar
- Konad Special Nail Polish (Gold) 
*i using this polish because i dont have regular gold polish
- L.A. Colors BNA503 ( Gold Glitter )
- Milani 703 Black Sketch
- Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat

"Chinese New Year Mani 2012"

Ok guys i hope you enjoy this post! Thanks for viewing! Have a good day :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

NOTD : Purple Glam

Hello guys! How are you doing? Hope everyone had a good day. I have another mani to show you. Like its title "purple glam" it wouldnt be great without some glitter on the polish!

Here it is :

Ok, for right now i have decided to put the picture in extra large size because i thought it really looks better to showing the nails with the design.

And these are what i used :

- L.A. Colors Base and Top Coat
- NYC 247 Prince Street
- Markwins 12 
- Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat
- Stars accessories

"Purple Glam"

Ok guys, that is all for tonight. Hope you enjoy this post! Good night :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi everyone. How are you guys doing? I think today is super chilly. As my husband has day off today so we going out to get something what we need. And i dont want to miss my first opportunity to make FOTD and OOTD post.

Basically, i love clothing so much. But i am not "too dressy person". I meant oh yeah i love fashion but as i living in the country, i am trying my best not too city fashioned style which i love how city people dressing up. So fab and gorgeous. But if i dress like that, i would be weird among the people (which anybody else would think "who cares"). So i try my best to adjust my style because not so many people here as care as i do how to look stylish. Probably some really do though , i dont know :P

Anyway, this is the FOTD :

This is kind of warm natural look.

For the eyes i used these colors :


For the cheek :

Lipstick :

Final Look :

And OOTD :

And i have another thing to display here, this is what we had for dinner. I made chicken spaghetti casserole , my sister told me it's so good so i decided to have this meal for dinner :D 

Okay guys, hope you enjoy this post. I got to go bed now. Bye :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Frosty Sugar Look

Hello everyone. I have new look to show you today. This time i created the eyes with my PAC Palette. As i mentioned in one of my previous posts here that i thought going to use this palette for next makeup look. And i did yay! :D

This makeup look actually really fits for summer time also. But i really wanted to create something with this palette in this season, so it is okay isnt it? :D and i finally found the right name for this look "Frosty Sugar Look"

Ok, i start off apply primer all over my face as usual. Then apply foundation and concealer concentrate on dark circles area. Set the makeup with loose powder. Fill my eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil. 

And now... create the eyes. Apply primer all over the eyelid. Let's see the colors that i used : 

Dab the color no 1 on the lid with my finger. And then take the brush, take color no 2 and apply it on the outer V. Blend away inward along the crease. And then take no 1 again to apply on the inner corner and bring it down to the middle lower lashline. And take no 2 and apply it to the rest of lower lashline. 

Then lining the eyes with black eyeliner. 

Curl your lashes! Eyes done! Ok, Move on put peach blush on the cheeks. 

And my favourite part now, apply lipstick. 

And the last, i usually reapply my loose powder all over my face. But not too much!

This is the final look :

yes i know my bang get too long now. But i planning to see how my face will look like without bang so i let it grow longer :)

Okay guys, i hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for viewing. Have a good night!

PS : Apologize for had couple hairs on my face as i took picture outside and it was little windy :(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meet Up With My Dog "Lolly"

It is probably a post that doesnt interesting at all. But i just want to write about my dog for today. So, i have 7 months old Black Labrador, female. Her name is Lolly. I know many people think the name sounds silly. But i just love the name because its really easy to say it. She is very beautiful dog and very playful. She is just acting like a little kid. We got her when she was 3 months old. I am not sure if she still a puppy or not by now.

Before i moved to this country, believe it or no i hate any kind of animals. I was thinking they just a stink-living-things and such a pain in the butt! Not so many people love dogs in Indonesia. Some do have dogs though. Sometimes dogs there just living and surviving on the streets, dirty and unsure of hygienical. I am not sure if i said it right. Just the dogs are dirty and not healthy.And my mind kept thinking that everytime dog barking , they seems wanting to bite someone. So yeah i was really afraid of dogs and that is why i didnt like dogs.

Then, coming over here i seen seems everybody loves dog. I started thinking oh they are so cute animal and adorable! Whoa i was surprise with this kind of idea. Then one night, my husband watching dogs movie on netflix, i didnt watch it that time, just listened to the show. People talked " i love my dog. The only true love comes from dogs. They love you no matter what". Well, to be honest "they love u no matter what" sentence amazed me somehow. Then my husband told me he had german sheperd before and he kind of missing dog company. And then the day after or two, i told him " lets get a puppy". And he said yes and want to have labrador or german shepherd. I wanted boston terrier like my sister has, because i seen its so cute with black and white colors. But my husband kept saying either labrador or german shepherd. I was like ok whatever i just curious and really wanting to have a dog that time. Then we found a female black labrador and get good price for it and went straight to Lancaster to get her.

And this is Lolly first time we picked her up on Lancaster. She had carsick.

the date stamp is wrong lol. We got her on August 2011. Look at her the water hanging around her mouth lol 

We walked her the next day. And trained her to go potty outside in the same spot. I admit, my dog learn slow. She knows where to go potty but sometimes she still doing them inside the house like yesterday! :( But she got improved now to go potty by herself. I just give her command to go by the door and she goes by herself which make me super happy because i dont feel like to go in the snow when she needs out in the winter time!

And as time goes by, i love Lolly even more. She is just another member family to loved and to cared. Sometimes she acts silly and funny. More pictures here :

Ok guys thanks for reading. Have a good night! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My very first cosmetic purchased!

Hello guys. I been just checking around on my makeup stuff. I just love checking around of my stuff. Then i found this mini eyeshadow palette that first cosmetic stuff i ever bought. I still remember i bought this with my mum. I was around 17 or 18 that time i guess. That day when i purchased this one, i was very tight on budget, i do remember how i saved my money to get this eyeshadow palette. Well i was just graduated from senior high school that time and i was working and i felt like i was adult enough and had high desire to be a very adult woman who wear makeup, high heels and stuff.

Anyway, it has been couple years and i just noticed, surprisingly, this palette still look very good! So this is the very first cosmetic i purchased :

So, this is "Summer Glow" eyeshadow palette from PAC. PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) by Martha Tilaar is very famous and good brand in Indonesia.  I like their make up and this brand of cosmetic is kind of pricey for Indonesians. But good quality though. 

Let's open the palette : 

I remember my mom suggested me to pick the eyeshadow palette with natural color such as brown, white, nude colors as i was just beginner of makeup but i refused it because i thought the colors just boring and i want something colorful and fun. 

These are the swatch of colors :

Oh i love those colors! i think the next makeup look will using this palette! Im excited now. Lol it's kind of funny to be excited for something i have for years :D

Okay guys thats all, hope you enjoy this post. Have a good day! :)