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Monday, January 16, 2012

Frosty Sugar Look

Hello everyone. I have new look to show you today. This time i created the eyes with my PAC Palette. As i mentioned in one of my previous posts here that i thought going to use this palette for next makeup look. And i did yay! :D

This makeup look actually really fits for summer time also. But i really wanted to create something with this palette in this season, so it is okay isnt it? :D and i finally found the right name for this look "Frosty Sugar Look"

Ok, i start off apply primer all over my face as usual. Then apply foundation and concealer concentrate on dark circles area. Set the makeup with loose powder. Fill my eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil. 

And now... create the eyes. Apply primer all over the eyelid. Let's see the colors that i used : 

Dab the color no 1 on the lid with my finger. And then take the brush, take color no 2 and apply it on the outer V. Blend away inward along the crease. And then take no 1 again to apply on the inner corner and bring it down to the middle lower lashline. And take no 2 and apply it to the rest of lower lashline. 

Then lining the eyes with black eyeliner. 

Curl your lashes! Eyes done! Ok, Move on put peach blush on the cheeks. 

And my favourite part now, apply lipstick. 

And the last, i usually reapply my loose powder all over my face. But not too much!

This is the final look :

yes i know my bang get too long now. But i planning to see how my face will look like without bang so i let it grow longer :)

Okay guys, i hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for viewing. Have a good night!

PS : Apologize for had couple hairs on my face as i took picture outside and it was little windy :(