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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My very first cosmetic purchased!

Hello guys. I been just checking around on my makeup stuff. I just love checking around of my stuff. Then i found this mini eyeshadow palette that first cosmetic stuff i ever bought. I still remember i bought this with my mum. I was around 17 or 18 that time i guess. That day when i purchased this one, i was very tight on budget, i do remember how i saved my money to get this eyeshadow palette. Well i was just graduated from senior high school that time and i was working and i felt like i was adult enough and had high desire to be a very adult woman who wear makeup, high heels and stuff.

Anyway, it has been couple years and i just noticed, surprisingly, this palette still look very good! So this is the very first cosmetic i purchased :

So, this is "Summer Glow" eyeshadow palette from PAC. PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics) by Martha Tilaar is very famous and good brand in Indonesia.  I like their make up and this brand of cosmetic is kind of pricey for Indonesians. But good quality though. 

Let's open the palette : 

I remember my mom suggested me to pick the eyeshadow palette with natural color such as brown, white, nude colors as i was just beginner of makeup but i refused it because i thought the colors just boring and i want something colorful and fun. 

These are the swatch of colors :

Oh i love those colors! i think the next makeup look will using this palette! Im excited now. Lol it's kind of funny to be excited for something i have for years :D

Okay guys thats all, hope you enjoy this post. Have a good day! :)