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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi everyone. How are you guys doing? I think today is super chilly. As my husband has day off today so we going out to get something what we need. And i dont want to miss my first opportunity to make FOTD and OOTD post.

Basically, i love clothing so much. But i am not "too dressy person". I meant oh yeah i love fashion but as i living in the country, i am trying my best not too city fashioned style which i love how city people dressing up. So fab and gorgeous. But if i dress like that, i would be weird among the people (which anybody else would think "who cares"). So i try my best to adjust my style because not so many people here as care as i do how to look stylish. Probably some really do though , i dont know :P

Anyway, this is the FOTD :

This is kind of warm natural look.

For the eyes i used these colors :


For the cheek :

Lipstick :

Final Look :

And OOTD :

And i have another thing to display here, this is what we had for dinner. I made chicken spaghetti casserole , my sister told me it's so good so i decided to have this meal for dinner :D 

Okay guys, hope you enjoy this post. I got to go bed now. Bye :)