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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meet Up With My Dog "Lolly"

It is probably a post that doesnt interesting at all. But i just want to write about my dog for today. So, i have 7 months old Black Labrador, female. Her name is Lolly. I know many people think the name sounds silly. But i just love the name because its really easy to say it. She is very beautiful dog and very playful. She is just acting like a little kid. We got her when she was 3 months old. I am not sure if she still a puppy or not by now.

Before i moved to this country, believe it or no i hate any kind of animals. I was thinking they just a stink-living-things and such a pain in the butt! Not so many people love dogs in Indonesia. Some do have dogs though. Sometimes dogs there just living and surviving on the streets, dirty and unsure of hygienical. I am not sure if i said it right. Just the dogs are dirty and not healthy.And my mind kept thinking that everytime dog barking , they seems wanting to bite someone. So yeah i was really afraid of dogs and that is why i didnt like dogs.

Then, coming over here i seen seems everybody loves dog. I started thinking oh they are so cute animal and adorable! Whoa i was surprise with this kind of idea. Then one night, my husband watching dogs movie on netflix, i didnt watch it that time, just listened to the show. People talked " i love my dog. The only true love comes from dogs. They love you no matter what". Well, to be honest "they love u no matter what" sentence amazed me somehow. Then my husband told me he had german sheperd before and he kind of missing dog company. And then the day after or two, i told him " lets get a puppy". And he said yes and want to have labrador or german shepherd. I wanted boston terrier like my sister has, because i seen its so cute with black and white colors. But my husband kept saying either labrador or german shepherd. I was like ok whatever i just curious and really wanting to have a dog that time. Then we found a female black labrador and get good price for it and went straight to Lancaster to get her.

And this is Lolly first time we picked her up on Lancaster. She had carsick.

the date stamp is wrong lol. We got her on August 2011. Look at her the water hanging around her mouth lol 

We walked her the next day. And trained her to go potty outside in the same spot. I admit, my dog learn slow. She knows where to go potty but sometimes she still doing them inside the house like yesterday! :( But she got improved now to go potty by herself. I just give her command to go by the door and she goes by herself which make me super happy because i dont feel like to go in the snow when she needs out in the winter time!

And as time goes by, i love Lolly even more. She is just another member family to loved and to cared. Sometimes she acts silly and funny. More pictures here :

Ok guys thanks for reading. Have a good night! :)