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Monday, January 9, 2012

Aqua Sunrise Eye Make Up

Hello guys. Last night i made attempt this eye make up look. I was really bored last night! And  i didnt have false lashes , so it's just my natural lashes.

"Aqua Sunrise Eye Make Up"

To start off, i put concealer all over my eyelid. I know i should have applied primer but it's only an attempt :P. And then i fill my eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow Pencil

Let's create this eye make up look : 

- Start off with no 1 as base color for the lid.
- Apply no 2 from the outer corner to the center of the lid.
- Take the no 3 and apply on the center of lid, blend softly with no 2 ( just little bit, dont too much because you dont want the color change)
- Take the shade no 4, and apply from inner corner to the rest of your lid and again blend it softly with the no 3. Dont forget to bring the no 4 into the middle of lower lash line.
- Using no 5 to emphasize the outer of the lid , blend the color in circle motion. 
- Using no 6 blend again softly in the very outer V and bring to the center of crease , make it look like very thin line. and bring the color into outer lower lash line, and back to no 2 to continue lining the middle lower lash line. So there you have it,  no 4 ( inner lower lash line), no 2 ( middle lower lash line) and no 6 ( outer lower lash line). 
- To highlight the brow bone, using no 7 and blend it softly. 

Take the black gel eyeliner to lining your eyes. 

black gel eyeliner

Curl your upper lashes. Then apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. 

i used the length brush to make it look longer!

And all done! 

Oh guys, please understand me if i didnt do good job on explanation this post! I need time to get used to talk about make up and stuff in english! Anyway, I hope you like it! Thanks for viewing! Have a good day :)