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Monday, January 9, 2012

Announcement! My New Blog

Hello guys! I am announcing that i just created new blog where i share everything i have interest with except nail polish. Since this blog's title "On My Nail", i feel weird if i posting about make up, cooking, outfits or whatever in this blog under "On My Nail" title. So i created "Yoannita Likes..." few days ago after big consideration of either change this blog name or created new one. My new blog pretty much talks about beauty, fashion and other side of my life. I will keep this blog updated as well. So please check my new blog here and follow the blog if you like :)

You may check recent posts that i made : Aqua Sunrise Eye Make Up

or you can check on the new page of this blog about "Yoannita Likes..." post. 

So i hope you enjoy my new blog as well. Thanks for viewing! :)