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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Swatches : Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor

I was in search for new everyday lipsticks and bolder colors to wear sometimes on my days out when I'm not working. I know Walgreens always having good deals buy one get one 50% off on their some cosmetic lines. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolors were on the spot of my sight. 

I picked : Warm Me Up, Pink Me Up, Ruby Star and Plum Perfect.

Swatches with camera flash :

Swatches with natural lighting (no flash) :

I thought these lipstick are great buys. They are under $10 each , the prices may vary in some drugstores. I got mine $7.something. I know walmart or target selling them cheaper than that. They are so vivid and pigmented in colors and aren't drying on my lips. But as always it's better to have your lips moisturized before hand the application of the lipsticks itself. They do contain glittery / shimmer particles that finely mixed in and make your lips looks shiny enough.

Warm Me up and Pink Me Up are definitely right up on my taste for daily basis. But i prefer Pink Me Up shade where it gives me slight feminism color into my lips. On the other hand, Warm Me Up is very suitable for "No Makeup Makeup Look" thing.

Ruby Star and Plum Perfect are bolder shades which i been trying to enjoy these types of shades recently! My spare times at home were wasting effectively by looking through pinterest gorgeous girls wearing red lipstick - so that's where i was inspired from.

My fave shade i wore in this picture below was Plum Perfect, of course with a bit Instagram filters going on! :)

Let me know if you have any recommendations of your fave lipsticks in the drugstore!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

OOTD : White on White

White is one of timeless trend we all can wear at all times. Doesn't matter if its spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can never go wrong wearing white. White gives such a clean look into outfits. A few days ago, i had no idea what to wear so i just think of one color and white is my fave. 

I picked basic white tank top from Forever21 that they always sell for less than $2! And white see-through (sort of lace) vest as my outerwear from Target.  I picked the lace high waisted short that i got from Ross Dress For Less. 

My bag is from Ross Dress For Less. I been wanting to wear Chanel Inspired handbag that i can't afford for the real one. lol anyone interested to got me a Chanel bag for my upcoming birthday??  ;)

And last, i wear my white wedges from Target.

What is your fave color to wear into your outfits?

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Floral Pattern Dress

You probably already know I love anything very girly and chic. I always going for floral or lace pattern on my shopping hunt and one day i shop at Ross Dress For Less after work and come across this beautiful dress that really caught my attention. The pattern is so beautiful and eye catching. The contrast of color combos makes the dress looking so alive. I am so ready to wear this more often in this upcoming spring and summer. I imagine to pair it with white or tan wedges.   Don't you guys think this dress somehow reminds us of watercolor  art?

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Haul : Bh Cosmetics Make Up Brushes!

It took me a while to finally picking up Bh Cosmetics makeup brushes! I been eye-ing them for a loooong time but i been waiting for their website to have big sales specially for makeup brushes. Bh Cosmetics is having deals and sale all times. Once they throwing out their "Brushes Blowout Sale" i was thinking this is the right time to shop off their website. All i need was makeup brushes in my makeup inventory now aka maybe not. Ok i admit I'm so lazy to clean and wash my makeup brushes. It's such biggest pain in the butt. Don't you all agree my fellow makeup lover? 

Bh Cosmetics brushes are very affordable already without deals! They are good quality in my opinion. I never experienced their brushes to shedding off after couple washes (i washed them like 3 times already by now - told you I'm lazy and rarely to wash them) 

Let's unboxing this package!

11 pcs Pink-A-Dot Brush Set ( click here for more details ) - original price : $28.95
I got these set for $12.95. Im so in love with the brush holder, it can't be cuter!! Polkadot and pink are just right up my alley!

10 pc Sculpt and Blend Brush Set - original price : $29.95 ( click here for more details )
Discounted price : $16.95
I thought i need more variety of brush types to increasing my contour and blend skill so i picked these!

14 pc Party Girl Brush Set - original price $28.95 ( click here for more details )
Discounted price : $12.95.

Bh Liquid Eyeliner in Black ( click here  for more details ) - original price $5.95
Discounted price : $3.50. It's my second purchase on this eyeliner! It's very good and no smudge at all!

Bh Studio Pro Beauty Sponge ( click here for more details ) - original price $9.95
Discounted price : $4.95. So many people recommending and keep recommending the famous "beauty blender" you can buy from Sephora that cost over $20. I am still feeling skeptical to waste my money that much. Im pretty sure the beauty blender works fantastic but for now this beauty sponge from Bh Cosmetics works great in applying and blending my foundation/concealer. And i really think i need to place another order for this sponge. I really like it!

Do you own any makeup brushes from Bh Cosmetics?

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Fashion Shopping

Hi friends! I went to Target few days ago and coming home with a big smile. 

This time my eyes caught in some new Tees they have in Target. Stripes with different colors and since I'm too girly type, i can't pass over the sleeveless lace top, floral top and floral dress.

I been wanting Chanel inspired handbags for a long time and found one with such friendly price at Ross Dress For Less. The white sandal wedges i found at Target.

Have you did some shopping recently? #iamnoisy

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wedding 4th Anniversary Getaway : IP Casino Resort & Spa

Hi friends! To celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, we went for short getaway to IP Casino Resort and Spa where it's not that far away from where we live. We spent one night 2 days - since we both have work schedule going on this week so we couldnt stayed longer. 

The view from our hotel room window

The bedroom

I took suck picture on the bathtub. They did beautiful arrangement of towel.

The pool is so beautiful. Too bad it was cloudy so we didn't spend that long on the pool. But the view of the beach from the hot tub corner was amazing! I wish i had the picture taken.

My lunch at high tide cafe inside the casino. I ordered Chipotle Turkey Sandwich with fries on the side. It was so so good and right away i felt my dress tighten up on me. haha

My treats for the night! Strawberry Shortcake.

Outfit of that night. The leopard dress is from H&M that actually my sister gifted it to me and my shoes is from Tj Maxx.

Then we come down to try some luck and yes my husband won pretty good $$! yay :D

The day 2, we walked along the bridge. I wish i was bringing some sort of long pants because it was abit cold that day!

My husband wanted to try another casino place. So we went to Beau Rivage and tried some luck and again and he even won it better than the night before! Seems these past 2 days just our lucks! Cant be more happier!

Beau Rivage is such beautiful casino resorts place. All the decoration is spring like and easter theme!

From the winnings, everything was paid off back into our pocket. So we consider all the trip cost were free and we got some bonuses to bring along home! Woohoo! :)

And all my goodies i purchased from our winnings as well!

Thanks for checking this post out! See you in the next post! :) Have a good day

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