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Monday, April 13, 2015

Haul : Bh Cosmetics Make Up Brushes!

It took me a while to finally picking up Bh Cosmetics makeup brushes! I been eye-ing them for a loooong time but i been waiting for their website to have big sales specially for makeup brushes. Bh Cosmetics is having deals and sale all times. Once they throwing out their "Brushes Blowout Sale" i was thinking this is the right time to shop off their website. All i need was makeup brushes in my makeup inventory now aka maybe not. Ok i admit I'm so lazy to clean and wash my makeup brushes. It's such biggest pain in the butt. Don't you all agree my fellow makeup lover? 

Bh Cosmetics brushes are very affordable already without deals! They are good quality in my opinion. I never experienced their brushes to shedding off after couple washes (i washed them like 3 times already by now - told you I'm lazy and rarely to wash them) 

Let's unboxing this package!

11 pcs Pink-A-Dot Brush Set ( click here for more details ) - original price : $28.95
I got these set for $12.95. Im so in love with the brush holder, it can't be cuter!! Polkadot and pink are just right up my alley!

10 pc Sculpt and Blend Brush Set - original price : $29.95 ( click here for more details )
Discounted price : $16.95
I thought i need more variety of brush types to increasing my contour and blend skill so i picked these!

14 pc Party Girl Brush Set - original price $28.95 ( click here for more details )
Discounted price : $12.95.

Bh Liquid Eyeliner in Black ( click here  for more details ) - original price $5.95
Discounted price : $3.50. It's my second purchase on this eyeliner! It's very good and no smudge at all!

Bh Studio Pro Beauty Sponge ( click here for more details ) - original price $9.95
Discounted price : $4.95. So many people recommending and keep recommending the famous "beauty blender" you can buy from Sephora that cost over $20. I am still feeling skeptical to waste my money that much. Im pretty sure the beauty blender works fantastic but for now this beauty sponge from Bh Cosmetics works great in applying and blending my foundation/concealer. And i really think i need to place another order for this sponge. I really like it!

Do you own any makeup brushes from Bh Cosmetics?

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