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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wedding 4th Anniversary Getaway : IP Casino Resort & Spa

Hi friends! To celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, we went for short getaway to IP Casino Resort and Spa where it's not that far away from where we live. We spent one night 2 days - since we both have work schedule going on this week so we couldnt stayed longer. 

The view from our hotel room window

The bedroom

I took suck picture on the bathtub. They did beautiful arrangement of towel.

The pool is so beautiful. Too bad it was cloudy so we didn't spend that long on the pool. But the view of the beach from the hot tub corner was amazing! I wish i had the picture taken.

My lunch at high tide cafe inside the casino. I ordered Chipotle Turkey Sandwich with fries on the side. It was so so good and right away i felt my dress tighten up on me. haha

My treats for the night! Strawberry Shortcake.

Outfit of that night. The leopard dress is from H&M that actually my sister gifted it to me and my shoes is from Tj Maxx.

Then we come down to try some luck and yes my husband won pretty good $$! yay :D

The day 2, we walked along the bridge. I wish i was bringing some sort of long pants because it was abit cold that day!

My husband wanted to try another casino place. So we went to Beau Rivage and tried some luck and again and he even won it better than the night before! Seems these past 2 days just our lucks! Cant be more happier!

Beau Rivage is such beautiful casino resorts place. All the decoration is spring like and easter theme!

From the winnings, everything was paid off back into our pocket. So we consider all the trip cost were free and we got some bonuses to bring along home! Woohoo! :)

And all my goodies i purchased from our winnings as well!

Thanks for checking this post out! See you in the next post! :) Have a good day

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