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Sunday, July 5, 2015

3 Styling Ideas : Off The Shoulder Crop Top

Hello guys! Im excited to make this post. I have a new favorite fashion piece that i been loving lately. It's a off the shoulder crop top that seems very flattering to wear in the summer season. I have combined 3 styling ideas to wear off the shoulder crop top. The crop top I'm wearing in this post is from Hollister.

Watch the live video :

Style #1

On the style #1, i was thinking if i was going to some formal lunch / meeting that i want to look a bit sophisticated and chic at the same time , this outfit would be perfect for that occasion. 

And i picked my black Juicy Couture handbag that goes nice along with the whole look. 

Style #2

This style is my favorite look among these 3 looks. I would wear this outfit on shopping day or casual day out with my friends. What i really love about this outfit that white crop top paired with white jeans give such a clean impression into my look. Also, i think it's flattering and brightened up my skin. I used my purple clutch from Steve Madden as a pop of color into this outfit. 

Style #3

This style is suitable for beach day out! The short is very comfy to wear because it's made out of thin material that would feel so good when the wind blows. 

I paired all these 3 style looks with white wedges i bought few weeks ago from Target. 

Have a lovely week! 

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