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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hauling for Christmas Scents! (Bath & Body Works)

Lately i have been over excited for christmas as you may know from my previous post that i transformed a plain tree into decorative christmas tree. Also if you guys notice especially who live in US, most of the stores already put christmas stuff up everywhere even make me more more and more excited. So today, i went to mall and stopped purposely at Bath & Body Works store and as usual that store looking awesome perfectly preeeetieh.. I looked christmas scents stuff here and there and i completely lost in my own christmas world (*trying to sounds so exaggerate*). And you know BBW stuff are attractively made!

They have some deals on wallflowers plug scent stuff like 4 for $20 and 6 for $24. I picked 6 for $24 in which i got 2 fragrance plugs and 4 fragrance bulbs. Then i also picked one fragrance room spray (Frosted Cranberry) and one mini hand sanitizer. So everything was around $31 and i got coupons of $10 off with purchase $30 from my previous shopping so i had to pay only $21 for 8 items! Im so happy!! :D And if im not mistaken you can get this coupon code or any coupon codes from the website (click here). That's such a good deal and you shouldnt miss it if u are BBW lover especially they have awesome range selections scents for christmas season!

- 2 Wallflowers Fragrance Plugs
- Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Sanitizers
- Frosted Cranberry Fragrance Room Spray
- 4 Wallflowers Fragrance Bulbs ( 2 of Fresh Balsams, Vanilla Bean Noel , and Frosted Cranberry )

They said the wallflowers lasting up to 6-8 weeks but many reviews that i have read they said it last to 4 weeks. And i plugged one with Fresh Balsam now, for the first minutes i thought it didnt work at all then in 30 mins to one hour the scents starts to spread out slightly strong and soo nice until now. Hopefully they will smell good and noticeable everyday!

Do you have wallflowers from Bath and Body Works? Which scent you love the most for this upcoming Christmas?