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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tutorial : Cut your own bangs (side bangs)!

Hi guys! Im pretty sure we all ever had times when your bangs got too long and you dont feel like to go to salon just for it. It could be waste your money and time. Here i have a tutorial how to cut your own bang in side way based on how i learned at school.  I kind use the school technique little bit and combined with how i like to do it so this might not be the most right technique to do but this is just my way to do it.

This is when i feel my bang is getting too long:

no make up face, pardon me for un-flawless skin! :)

Things that you need :
- Couple clips
- Shears / razor ( i recommend razor for more natural looking bangs )
- Rat tail comb

Before we start, please be careful with your shears/razor to avoiding cut yourself. I done it couple times already lol and it hurted so bad!

Steps :
1. Take your rat tail comb and section your bang/fringe area into triangle. (see the picture below)

Then take your clips to secure all the hair around to make your work alot easier.

2. Now decide what side you want your bang fall. Here i take right side bang. Brush and pull your hair to opposite direction. Because i want RIGHT SIDE bang, so i pull my hair into LEFT SIDE.  This technique isn't necessarily to do, but i like to do it this way because i feel it works better. Please feel free to cut it on the same side as desired the bang going to fall at.

3. Now cut your bang with shears. (see picture below)
You see i take my hair in the left side and based on the picture above, i already cut halfway of my bang. And go ahead cut the remaining hair as direction of your finger position (diagonally).

4. Position your shears or razor upright and start cut your new bangs to achieve natural looking. Just cut slightly on the ends of your new bangs.

5. Bring back the new bang to right side and comb it. And you are done :)

I hope you guys find this tutorial helpful. And if u tried this please let me know how it turn out. :) Thanks for checking this post out. Have a good Sunday!