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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mississippi Road Trip - August 2013

This is a pleasure for me to share my road trip to Mississippi yet a a special reunited meeting with my big sister who i had not meet for over past 5 years. Yep 5 years. I was still in Indonesia for the 3 years ever since she left for US and then on 2011 i arrived on the land of USA at John Kennedy International Airport NY to meet the love of my life and share the lifetime with him through marriage.

Anyway onto the trip.. The vacation trip was planned to visit Canada to see Niagara Falls. And then for some reason we changed the plan and decided to go to Mississippi instead where my sister lives. The road trip took 18 hours driving. I couldnt believe we made it total 36 hours back and forth. That ammount of trip do not include stops, rests,etc. Gosh that trip exhausted me so much and of course my hubby the driver got alot more exhausted than i did.

I love Mississippi weather and places were beautiful. It was sunny everyday well actually it was rain couple times. We had great times there. We visited the ocean, explored the town and I've got to tried my first Korean dishes and i love it.

Not only that, we visited a zoo at Hattiesburg MS. I never been a fan going to zoo but that time we searched for some attraction places to visit and zoo was came up on the 1st list. I was like hey lets go to zoo tomorrow. And we did and it was so beautiful zoo. We enjoyed it. 

We had a great time afterall. Just ammount of time we had to spend on the road was kinda killing me. But we had stops quite times for each state we went through and that helped. :) But myself prefer travelling by airplane. What about u? Do you prefer travelling by airplane or roadtrip?  See you guys :)