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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tanning Obssession!

I been having new obssession lately, like in "severe" stage now. It's funny and kind of strange for how quick someone can change drastically like i am now.  I was never a big fan to get tanned. I used to hate to the max when i notice my skin get little darker. I have always thought that tan skinned doesnt flattering on me. And now Im so into tanning since i came across couple pictures of Victoria's Secret models with their tanned skin. I just realized how tan skin is looking so gorgeous and exotic.

Because of this new obssession, few weeks ago i went to drugstore to get some tanning products. I tanned outdoor couple times and thankfully for being Asian, it's pretty easy and quick for me to get tanned!

I got tanning products from Kmart and picked this brand "Hawaiian Tropic" because it has good deal buy one get 2nd 50% off. This is my first time trying this brand and so far im liking it. It has strong coconut scent which is I LOVE and very moisturizing my skin. 

I used both of the products at the same time lol. I hope it doesnt bother anything. I dont tanning really long time though since the products contain very low spf and the other one even has absolutely no spf! 

Anyway this is how i do it : First i will put on the lotion then layer it with the oil.  Then laying out under the sun and reapply often my oil. After my tanning session finish, i apply my sunscreen with spf 30 if i still wanna spend some more time outdoor. And i get tanned very quick after 1st time outdoor tanning by the pool. It gradually gets my whole skin darker after few times. 

After 2 weeks with total 3 times of "outdoor tanning" : 

yes there is some excess oil on my face :/ i should've blotted them first.... 

FYI, i used makeup that at least 1 level darker than i usually used to match my whole body. I dont intentionally tanning "my face" too because i do worry of getting some skin problem. So when i do tanning, i put sunscreen on my face even though it still get little tanner naturally from the sun.

So guys i would love hearing from you for some tips and helpful suggestions of Tanning Routine since im still really lacking of knowledge about this case! I would appreciate it so much if you share me some ;)

And what's your favorite tanning products? Let me know ;)