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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daily Life : BH Cosmetics Haul comes in the mail!

Hello guys.

When it comes to makeup shopping, i am very picky. I would be the person who spend long hours do the research of some certain products before making a purchase. I have heard alot of good things about BH Cosmetics. And what i love about it is they are pretty affordable. Yay for that! So last week, I ordered a very good deal on BH Cosmetics website. It was on Valentine deals. So i ordered the ones with one palette, a set of makeup brushes and liquid eyeliner for $22 include shipping cost. I thought it was a great deal! And today they came in my mail! I am so excited!

I cant wait to play around and make some makeup looks and of course blog it out here!

I'll do in depth review for Take me to Brazil Palette. And don't you guys think the design of the palette is very creative and fun? 

After played around little bit with my new makeup goodies, me and hubby went for the gym. Oh! It was such beautiful sunny day here. Today was like 78 degree outside in the middle of February. I cant be thankful enough for that! 

That was me in my workout gear after done working out. I felt good and refreshed! And by the way i really love the fake tan i have. I used self tanner from Loreal and applied it on my whole skin few days ago. It wasn't the best self tanner in the market but it does the job! 

Then after we got home, i played back with my bh cosmetics stuff lol. Then i made Chicken Porridge in Indonesian "street-style-food". And im pretty proud of myself because i think it tasted fab! If your asian, im sure you know porridge dishes. They are delicious and perfect companion for the bloomy day. Even though today was pretty sunny i have been craving for porridge from 2 days ago, so i figured i'd make one. 

And sriracha sauce on the side is a must! Lol. I loooove it! 

How was your day? And what have you been up to? :)