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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation is Over! And Little Updates

Hello guys. Vacation is finally over. We spent a week in Johnstown and visited alot of my husband's relatives and families. That was fun and of course i did little bit shopping and will posting the haul later next week.


I have a great news. Im going to beauty school in August!!! I passed the test! yay! :) So back to the old posting that saying i had been busy with GED test, i dont need that! How awesome! I thought GED score was required for people who doesnt graduate in the U.S. but the truth is GED is required for people who never been graduated in high school. And i did graduate my high school in Indonesia and have the diploma paper with me along with the English translations. So all are set and i decided to go to beauty school. Im so excited and nervous to start. I will be away from home for 10 months during the school which is pretty sad. But i know it will go fast as time goes by! 

So what are you been up to? 
Have a good day :)