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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Small Haul!

Hello guys. As mentioned in the previous post, finally now im going to share my vacation haul. I didnt shop alot though. I got couple things with pretty damn good deals.

Here they are :

Steve Madden Clutch - $19.99 (Tjmaxx)
im so in love with this clutch!! actually my husband got me this :D

Stretchy Skirt - On Clearance! from $15.99 to $1.50!!! (deb store at the mall)
isnt that awesome? 

Orange Neon Skirt - On Clearance from $16.50 to $4.50!! (deb store at the mall)

Hand Liquid Soap Pump Holder and Tootbrush Holder - $1.99 each ( cant be too sure for the prices and i got them from random stores that i cant remember the names )

Do you usually shop alot when you are on vacation? 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day :)