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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Updates!

Hello! I know i been missing out for couple weeks and i missing you guys! Im sooo sorry! But i have been soooo busy with the school and i got another good excuse to tell you that i forgot to bring my camera so that is why i couldnt make any post. Actually i could without any pics, but i love to provide pics on my entry posts :) And few days ago, i got a cheap camera for school use and of course for this blog :)

Okay so i started my school at August 13th. I got my hands on hair designs for the whole 2 weeks. Here are some pics in case you wondering what i did at school :)

And this one is picture of me and roommate were getting ready for school! 

isnt she look so beautiiful? she is!

And recently i got nail polishes and swatches should be up in couple days or next week! 

So what are you been up to? :)