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Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog's name going to be changed

Hello guys. As you guys know that i mentioned before i made new blog by the name "Yoannita Likes" where i can express everything, not only nail polish related post and after 6 months i been running 2 blogs at a time, it kind of bother me. So i stick to the thought that i only want running 1 blog. After had a disscuss with Shella from Polish Wonderland, i finally decide to just combine these 2 blogs become one where it will take place in this blog. To get there, im gonna have to change this blog's name into "Yoannita Likes" as it would covers the main definition of the posts in my blog.

Im aware that i may sounds complicated, change things up like this. But i realize i didnt that enjoy to have 2 diff blogs. So this is my final decision. Im sorry for all of you who got confused by me :(. Thank You so much for your loyalness to keeping your attention to my both blogs. I love you all and i still here with you in the blog world.

PS : Thank You Shella for ur time to discuss this matter and lead me through this final decision.