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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Travelling Cases! (Make Up and Toiletries Storage)

Vacation is about to start! Im so excited packing things up! We going for a week to Johnstown to visit my husband's parent and relatives. How about you? Are you planning to go somewhere during summer break? :)

I thought to share with you my travelling cases and how i packed my make up and toiletries stuff which it can be A LOT and PAIN to bring all of them.

This is my make up case. It's little small to carry alot of things but luckily, everything i wanna bring just fit inside this case. :D 

So this is "Travelon Compact Hanging Toiletry Kit". For the name, it suppose to use for carry all toiletries stuff but i use it for make up stuff instead. The price with shipping was $25.54. But i got this for free because i had my swagsbucks points big enough to redeemed by Amazon Gift Card. Click here to see where i got this case from. And for those who have no idea what swagbucks is, you can click here to sign up and start earning points to get free prizes ( such as gift cards and all kind of stuff). I also provided the swagbuck's picture on the right sidebar of this page, just click it right away will bring you to their page. 

Anyway, back to the main topic. This is how it look like when i open my make up case :

So on the top i have all my lipstick and lipgloss. I carry quite many of them.

Then zip it open, you gonna get :

And in the middle section, i have my foundation, concealer, blush, mini eyeshadow palette along with naked 2 of course, make up brushes ( i put them in the ziploc bag and for eye brushes in the pinky/purple toothbrush holder ) lol i know i "misuse" alot of things. :/ 

And the front of it, i have my powder and bronzer.

And underneath that, i put my jewelries in. 

 The next section in the bottom, i have all my eye make up stuff that "stick-shaped" such as eyeliner, eye base and mascara. In the last section i put all my hair stuff that necessary during make up application. The problem i have with this case is i cant put too much stuff  and it little hard to zip it close. 

And now here is my toiletries case that i got free as a bonus gift from Glamour Magazine Subscriptions : 

I bought travel size bottles and put some liquids in each. And i labeled them in case i forgot what's in there otherwise would cause the trouble lol. It could be dangerous! And also i bought medicine holder kit that contains 4 mini boxes, i put all my face regimen stuff in it and labeled them as well. Other than that, there is make up remover, baby powder, travel size toothbrush. 

So now, have you packed your stuff for vacation yet? How do you pack them? Please let me know in the comment box :)

Thank you so much for checking this out. Have a good day