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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review : ULTA Beauty Smoothie Shimmer Crackling Body Mousse


Product's Profile

"Every use will leave you craving more of this fun and sensorial body mousse.

This shimmer body mousse provides a cooling, crackling feel when applied, leaving skin soft and lightly moisturized with a shimmering glow. " - stated from the bottle.

Texture / Formulation

How it looks on skin after application :

What i thought :

I am going to be honest that the reason why i bought these was because they were on clearance for $1.50 each. I wasn't sure how much they originally cost from, but i have tried to look on the website and couldnt find the exact stuff. I dont exactly remember how much, but i think it's between $9 to $16.99. I love the packaging! This looked different and unique kind of body moisturizer product that i usually own. So i figured i gave these a go.

The texture/ formulation is foamy form that loosen up very quick in seconds. It has noticeable shimmery particles but it look settled finely on the skin. The scent is very strong but really nice to my taste especially the "Berrylicious" one.

The application is so easy and quick. When i rub the product to my skin, it tickles and gives me cool feeling. It absorbs and penetrates to the skin really quick. After a min or so, i start to feel the "hot" feels on the skin, i think it's ongoing reaction after the cool feeling it gave earlier. Does it make sense? Maybe not. Lol i dont know, that just how i experienced this product. Also, it doesn't sticky on the skin which is a big plus for me!

It lightly moisturized my skin. The shimmer however stains to my outfit. But it doesnt noticeable stain for a quick glanze unless you stare at it deeply and closely. And i think this body mousse going to be so flattering on nice tanned glowy skin.

Pros :

  • Smells great ( i prefer the Berrylicious over Creamy Cocolada)
  • Absorbs to skin very quick
  • Dries quick
  • Easy and quick application
  • Doesn't feel sticky on skin
  • Flattering on tanned skin
  • Gives skin abit sparkle/glowy
  • Great size 
Cons :
  • Shimmer stains the outfit
  • I dislike the hot feel on skin a min or so after application
  • Doesn't moisturized the skin that much (very lightly)
Will i repurchase this? 
No for the full price. I look for great formulation that gives enough moisturize to the skin, since it's just lightly moisturize the skin, i rather love to try something different. But for the cost i paid for these two stuff, it didnt hurt my wallet at all to give them a go. 

I recommend these stuff to people who dont like spend alot of time rubbing the body lotion to their skin and just look for a quick body treatment without concerning too much on how great the moisture it gives to their skin. Also for people with a nice tan skin for a beachy summer days.