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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daily Life : 3rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner Date + OOTN

Sure time flies so fast! It's already been 3 years i am married to my husband. It feels like yesterday i was going down the aisle at church on the wedding ceremony.

Of course our fave way  to celebrate the special day is with FOOD! lol We decided to have nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse which it was so close from our house.

Mmmmm Blooming Onion! 

His plate

My plate

Omg, the blooming onion tasted amazing as usual! But it was little too greasy in my taste. Even though i said that, my finger couldnt stop to pick one by one haha. Hubby ordered sirloin with shrimp served with aussie fries. And i ordered Pacific Rim Salmon and Shrimp served with aussie fries. Oh that was really good too and i was heavily stuffed!

Well, Great Food = Happy Tummy! lol


 Top : thrift store i cant remember the name.
Skirt : Ross
Evening clutch : Steve Madden
Shoes : Nine West

After both of our tummy "Happy" , we went to couple stores to checking out some stuff. And here we go i took a chance to take an accidential blurry picture of my man :

I am so grateful of my marriage and of course i cant wait for many years to come with my husband! 

the perfect imperfection shot! haha 

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