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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Home Cooking : Roasted Oven Ribs + Baked Potatoes Wedges + Yellow Coconut Rice

 Hubby and I don't eat pork ribs or any other kind of ribs really often. Even once in a month, we dont. Not because we don't really a fan of ribs! Heck yes we LOVE ribs! It's just the time consuming of roasting it become one of the reason this woman lazy to make it that often haha. Also not forgot to mention, it takes overnight to get a really good marinating process before roasting them in the oven.

You guys probably think the ribs abit overdone and looks so burnt to eat but i really love burnt foods haha. The more burnt , the better! but not like burnt completely all over haha!

I asked him what he wanted to eat the ribs with, he said fries but i am that weird to change the request a little into the potato wedges lol. And he didn't mind :)

As for myself, i have been craving for yellow coconut rice so i made some for myself to serving the ribs with.

As for the final result, this is his plate. 

And this is mine.  Of course with Indonesian style abit , there are Kerupuk Udang ( Shrimp Crackers ) , Bawang Goreng (Fried Onion) and sriracha sauce! Sriracha is a must for the most food i eat daily lol. 

So what have you had today for supper? :)