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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We stopped in the marina shop in search of a boat and i went to the back found some boat docks. I thought the view of the river so peaceful and beautiful. I enjoyed myself a quite a while just staring at the water. Then i asked him "can we go to the beach? " He said it was too late to go, so he offered " what about tomorrow?"

Then we went to the beach the next day. We had so much fun. Just one thing i wasn't happy with, the water was too too cold. But how sunny the day was, it well paid off though. We walked the sands with bare feet along the beach. I wish i could do this more often just like back in the old days of my life in Bali Indonesia.

After few hours well spent at the beach, I wanted to check out a mall across the beach. Found this interesting spot and decided to take a picture.

 The next door from the main gate of the mall, there was a restaurant. We were so hungry and decided to have lunch there. The restaurant is a bit too dark for the sunny afternoon and i was expecting to seat somewhere outside under patio or maybe inside with some windows to have some daylights. But instead, we were seating inside the building without any window. Im not complaining and considering this as "our romantic lunch spot".

The taste of the food was the bomb! I ordered lobster sandwich with coleslaw and fries on the side.

He picked shrimp tacos and fries on the side. I tried his shrimp tacos and it was the best!!

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