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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sally Hansen - Ice Queen

Hi guys! A while ago i made purchase of some drugstore nail polishes. To be honest with you, im not "real" nail polish shopper, i only buy nail polishes when they are on sale. Not only nail polish, but also other stuff to be exact! Because i dont think it is a wise to spend more money when i know most likely, the drugstores will have good deals weekly! :)

Anyway,this is one of the nail polishes i picked up.

Sally Hansen - Ice Queen

This is beautiful glittery polish. Not crazy glitter in it but im in love with this polish because this is kind of polish that you dont need to worry for the mess you may make and it looks beautiful on nails. This is a prove :

i applied 4 coats!

There was a trick necessary to apply this kind of polish if you want the blue dots appearing on ur nails. You have to pat the brush with blue dots on it directly to ur nails, not brush them through otherwise you will just taking off the blue dots back to the brush. After the polish completely dry, apply some good top coat. 

I dont remember how much it was , but this is absolutely affordable less than $3. And the formula doesnt bad for the price. It's quite watery and the smell is strong for me :( 

Thanks for viewing, have a good day!