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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fit Me! Maybelline Blush : Medium Coral

Hello girls! I have been such a fan of Maybelline cosmetic line since i was in senior high school. I love their powder, cream blush, lipsticks and even their new release product, the phenomenal color tattoo eyeshadow! And then i got this product and i quite dissapointed with it. Take a look :

Fit Me! Maybelline Blush : in Medium Coral 

beautiful blush color! comes with a brush applicator

the back of product

Product description from the packaging :
- Silky smooth texture ; Blends easily ;Wears evenly
- Oil Free 
- Won't clog pores
- Dermatologist Tested

when my fingers pick up the product , the picture above shows you. It's Lack of Pigmentation. 

when the brush applicator pick up the product, you actually can see how beautiful the color appear on it. 

and this is when i put the product onto my skin for the swatch. 

I had no real experience with this blush for actually wearing it for the day, because whenever i tried to apply it (like 3 times)  onto my cheek, you can see how it will appear on my cheek just exactly same on the last picture above. Then i will always stick to my wet n wild blush that much cheaper with awesome pigmentation. So, if those who has fair skin probably will have better luck with this blush. However, this blush  has 12 natural shades which might have more pigmentation, such as "Deep Rose" click here for more detail.  

Price : $5.29
Packaging : plastic container 
Repurchase : no 

Likes : 
- Simple & nice packaging
- Available in drugstores
- A silky smooth texture
- Lightweight
- Available in 12 shades

Dislikes :
- Lack of pigmentation
- Price doesnt worth for the quality (for this shade)

So have you tried this blush, especially with the other shades? If yes, please share your experiences in the comment below :)

Thanks for reading guys, i hope you have a good day :)