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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Summer Hat + Outfit Ideas

The story began from the needing of flour and sugar yesterday afternoon. So, i was sitting on the couch, imagined of good sandwich for tomorrow. Then i had my butt off the couch and started make the bread. Afterwards, i told my husband that we dont have flour and sugar left from the bread  making. Then we drove to Kmart to get both stuff. As always in the store, i always look around. Then i found a cute summer hat and i thought i need it because during summer especially if my head got sun above me, i noticed i always get headache from it. And that hat is on sale for 40% off. The actual price was $9.99, after discount the price became $5.99. Not bad at all! :)

This hat is comfy and protect both of my head and face from the sun. Also, It feels light on my head, and really like that this hat has "floppiness" as you can see on the picture above that make it look so pretty.

Surely, this kind of hat would make any outfit look prettier and cuter.  Here i have couple outfit ideas that i think would suitable to goes with the hat :

The Casual Look (The pink stripes top - the one i wore on the picture above) 
- The simple tshirt with black lace short. White bracelet and floral earings. To matching up, i paired the look with white hobo and white floral wedges. 

The Summer Lace ( pretty similar with the number 1, but i think this one has more feminine to it )
- Here i picked both of my top and bottom with the lace pattern. For accesories and flats, i picked ones with whites and flower details. I seemed like a fan of flower and lace right? Yes, i am. And i picked my plaid clutch to go with it. 

- The Dressy Look 
- Even though i bring some other colors here, but again i cant believe i picked a blue dress with flower pattern on it! This is my favourite dress. Sometimes i wear it either alone or with the red cardigan. For the bag, i picked the red one , and i dont want to go much since my dress is already fun, so i'd just wear the medium hoops sized earrings with silver floral-leaves bracelet. And the last, i paired the outfit with nude heels. 

The Bikini Look
This one is my favourite bikini to wear on the pool. To keep it fun, i bring some fun colors bracelets i got from Bali and pair it with the flats that has some colors just to matching up with the bracelets. Sorry for not displaying the beach/pool bag. 

The Semi Casual
- The long jeans with white top that has collar to it, floral rings and white stone earings. I choosed the same flats with the outfit #4. To make it casual, i brought the blue navy crossbody/shoulder bag. 

So guys, those are my opinion of outfits that would go well with this summer hat. Im not fashion expert but i thought why dont i share these ideas with you.  And as you can notice, i bring a lot of flowers, lace, and white details into my outfit style because i love them

Now, tell me which outfit that is more into your style? Or do you have more ideas to pair your outfit with this hat? Please let me know in the comment below. :)

Last, i hope you enjoy this post and have a good day! :)