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Thursday, June 14, 2012

K-drama: Rooftop Prince

Is there any of you who obsessed with k-dramas?? I am! This is one of kdrama i DEFINITELY recommend you to watch :

Rooftop Prince
i got the picture from here

I been so obsessed with this drama. I mean it. I watched the whole episodes with my husband (surprisingly he likes it lol). We watched this for few days and the last day we stayed up until 3 am just were really curious for the final episode. It was so tiring to been up that late and I got myself woke up almost 12.00 in the afternoon! That was probably my first time ever to wake up that late since i lived here! And this is the craziest part : the first thing comes in my mind was the drama! You see how has the drama effected me? The whole day I spent with few pictures of the show in my mind. I sounds crazy now huh? And then I thought : why don’t I write a post about this drama? 

A little synopsis :
A K-drama that narrating a prince from Joseon Era in ancient years travel to modern life (present day) in order to find out the murderer of Crown Princess.  He finds out so many things that he never knew by living through this modern life, he meets many people that exactly same in Joseon Era. He believes that he is being reincarnated through this period of time.  And the rest is you got to find them out. :D

This drama contained 20 episodes which each of them are worth to watch! The setting in 2012 and was located in Seoul, Korea i guess?

Cast (took from here) :
Micky Yoochun as Lee Gak / Yong Tae Yong
Choi Won Hong as young Lee Gak
Han Ji Min as Park Ha
Jun Min Seo as young Park Ha
Lee Tae Sung as Sun Woo Ho Joon
Jung Yoo Mi as Joo Se Na
Kim So Hyun as young Se Na
Lee Min Ho as Song Man Bo
Jung Suk Won as Woo Yong Sul
Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi San
Lee Moon Shik
Kim Ja Ok
Kim Yong Gun
Ban Hyo Jung
Kim Yoo Suk
Kang Byul
Lee Won Jong

In the beginning i was unsure whether would continue watch this after episode one or left it because they showed 2 different times altogether , ancient and modern time at the same time along with same characters. Made me think it wasnt make any sense but im glad i kept going to watch it until the end and completely understand of the whole story. And my favourite character is the main actor that is, YONG TAE YONG. Omg he is soo good looking with the short hairstyle…………… !!  Not only that, he acted pretty smart and being alert of anything ackward things happened. Even though he is main actor but he definitely aint stupid like a lot of main actor’s role in other dramas!

Also, I really love one of the soundtrack songs from this drama, that is “After A Long Time” from Baek  Ji Young, its my currently fave song now. SO so in love with the song. This is the video of the song :

Last but not least, the lesson from the drama is all terrible thoughts  to destroy others comes from enviousness that has been grown since we were little, and we kept it and let it growing even bigger. It wont take us nowhere , but we will end up to destroying ourself even more. 

So, have you watched this drama? What do you think about it? 

I hope everyone has a good day! :)