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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something That Literally Keeping Me Busy!

Ok, i dont know where to begin. Possibly it's because been a while didnt write any post so i confused where to start. Yeah, you guys know i been out from blogging. There is a reason that i cant resist from not doing it. If you guys on my twitter, you probably know that im going to take GED test. So i been study to prepare myself for the test!

Im not that sure to explain what GED test itself, why will i take the test for and blablabla. I just know generally that in the US, for anybody who didnt have their high school graduated in US should pass GED Test that would more acceptable to get work, go to university/college (correct me if im wrong). So this book has been keeping me busy alot. This book has over 1000 pages! It can take me half year to finish this book. I still dont know whether im going back to college or just get job. For now, i just focusing myself getting through this book until the test day come. Then i will go from there.

This book contains 5 subjects which really make me feel going back to high school! They are Language Arts Reading & Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. I need to  re-learn them all over again in English! Google Translate has been something i looked at alot! Of course several things are different so it does get me know more about something i never knew before. And my favourite is learning Social Studies where it has World History, i didnt learn that much when i was in Indonesia's High School. And the most sucks is Science,  i never liked that thingy at all :( And all English language written on the book, make it feel worse to learn Science.

Well, i been feeling rushed for things lately. I mean im married too. I have to take care house, dog, my husband and study at same time. Sometimes i have to do things outside also.  So everyday feels like i have alot of things to be done with small ammount of time. And when i get all work done, internet is my first thing comes in my mind. Then i will start study in late afternoon.

Hopefully i will be able to make some time to make regular posts weekly again. Have a good day guys :)