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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Outfit for Church + Happy Mothers Day!!

First of all, im going to apologize for this late post. I swear, i was going to finish up this post on the Mothers Day! But things changed, didnt let me to sit around the house and get this post done!

Even it's late but i still wanna say "Happy Mothers Day" to all of mothers in the world! Hope you had wonderful time with your mamas or your children! :)

So on Sunday, we went to church and that day, when we were actually celebrate the Mothers Day and every woman got flower that given by little kids during the Children Time. That was cute huh? :)

Anyway, this was my outfit for church :

I love to look feminine for the church most of the time. And yes high heels always good to go with!  The clothing and other stuff that i wore, mostly are affordable and some i got from stores that sell for less. I dont feel bothered to shop there as long as it is good and enjoyable to wear. 

And also im going to show couple pictures that causing the delay of this post! We went to lake so this goofy baby can playing around in the water :D

all wet!!
in this picture, she actually was watching couple birds flying on the air. lol she wanted to run after them, but of course somebody had to hold her tight so she just can watched them.

So, what do you think of my outfit for church? Let me know and how do you like to dressed for church? If you did a post related into this, please leave me the link because i would love to see how you dressed! :)