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Friday, April 27, 2012

Strawberry Parfait

I have been addicted to watching one of chef youtubers lately. She is Laura Vitale, you can check her youtube channel here and her website here. She is my most favourite chef guru recently. I found her recipes and cooking show are very easy to understand and somehow i feel like everytime i watch her show, it's like she transferring all her cooking spirit into me lol. Really im telling you now, if you are cooking lover, u should check her videos and recipes!

Well, yesterday was my first time tried out one of her very easy and simple recipe. It's Strawberry Parfait. It's actually "Berry Parfait".  But i only have strawberry in my firdge. It's soo yummy, beautiful and healthy! Loveee it :)

And to make this, these are all you need : 

- Strawberries - cut them into small nice chunks, sprinkle sugar on top of it and toss it.
- Yogurt - i use strawberry one. 
- Granola - i made my own granola. and yes i used her recipe. click here for more details. On the recipe, it suppose to use dried fruits and i dont because i dont have it but it turn out as good :)

After you have all your ingredients, then make it. Start with couple tablespoons of yogurt, then put strawberry on it then granola. Repeat the process and top it off with granola. Just like this :

Now this is my favourite snacks/breakfast. The great thing that this is healthy and taste so good. I barely eat fruits by itself, i found it's so boring. Well to get complete recipe, click here for Berry Parfait! I hope you guys enjoy this post. :)

Have you ever watched "LauraVitalesKitchen" channel on youtube? If so, what is your favourite recipe of her?