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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Red with Pattern Manicure?

Hi guys! This is something i've been wanting to make and i accomplished it yesterday! I call it "Pattern Manicure". Hope its name sounds make sense -_-.  I think to make any pattern manicures wouldnt be that difficult, because you just gonna have to do same step over and over for each nails but of course it is depend to what kind of patterns you gonna make. It could be difficult as well. Well i made the pretty basic and easy pattern manicure. Here it is :

i use the red for the basic and black nail art to make the pattern. All you have to do just make lines, lines, lines however you want it. :)

As usual, these are the products i use :

- Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base and Top Coat
- Milani (Nail Art) - Black Sketch

Hope you like this manicure. Thanks so much for viewing! :)