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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Glitter Badge!

Oh finally i have free time to blog this one! I been so busy these days. Lots of house work.

Well, i got "Glitter Badge" from Art Evolve. Thanks very much for this badge! She gave me an award before. And i think you have to check her posting about this badge here. I love her manicure and the sparkle stones on her glitter nails just look awesome!

Okay, let's get started

Here are the "rules":
- Acknowledge receipt of this award
- Post a swatch of your favorite glitter polish
To prove you're deserving, of course :)
- Pass this on to 4 more Glitterati.

Actually this is little hard for me to make swatch of my favourite glitter polish because i dont have so many collections for glitter ones. But then i picked 2 polishes that i think they are the best! I cant decide one of them because they both look gorgeous.

So here is the swatch :

LA Splash Sparkling Beach and Nina 159 Caribbean Nite 

I used 2 coats of LA Splash Sparkling Beach and 2 coats of Nina 159 Caribbean Nite. Except for the ring finger, i only used 3 coats of Nina 159 Caribbean Nite. 

doesn't the ring fingernail just look almost same with other ones? 

And now, i pass this badge to : 
  1. Ash-Lilly's Lacquer Lust
  2. Beauty Shades
  3. No Naked Nails!
  4. Imperfectly Painted
OK, i hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for viewing and have a good day! :)